Sword Art Online the Game – Let’s Play Them All

Sword Art Online the game has been launched more than 4 type of games. Each game could be played on different platform including PSP, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Aside from them, there are also SAO game which launched for Android and iOS. But through this article, we won’t talk about the game from mobile-based platform. Instead, we will review about how fun the game and talk about features on Playstation-based platform.

Sword Art Online the Game PSP

Sword Art Online the Game

The very first adaptation of the game is titled “Infinity Moment” which was developed by Namco Bandai Games for PSP or Playstation Portable.

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»Sony PSP Sword Art Online Infinity moment RPG game Import Japan«

The game acts as alternate story line from anime series, in which a glitch leads Kirito and the other players to stay in Sword Art Online’s Aincrad despite managed to defeating Heathcliff, the main antagonist from the series. The unique side is, players from other VRMMORPGs like Leafa and Sinon get sucked into the game themselves. You can say it just like sequel of season 1 anime series but in game version. The game premiered on March 14, 2013 in both limited and regular edition.

The game play is actually fun and the graphics are great and if you go online for guides with translation of items and your character’s state, you may easily get gear that’s decent. Even though you can not understand what the characters are talking about, the game has already some stuff that’s essential to play as far as fighting in the game moves translated into English. Also I realized that the game play alone was addicting, if you understood Japanese I’m sure it might be twenty times as fun then it already is.

But still, there are two downsides to it’s the fact that its pretty much in every Japanese, so there are a couple of things like item usage like potions and crystals to use that are difficult to determine what to do with, and the fact that without knowing Japanese you will not be able to get into the story line of the game, but as I stated the game play alone is addicting and fun.

As a huge fan of Sword Art Online series, which based on the light novel, I love this game som uch. When I found out about the game, it’s really a must have. The gameplay rocks and the storyline is excellent too. The majority of the game is in Japanese but there’s a little English put together in. Combat skills and commands along with some item names are in Japanese. It’s essential get for any fan of SAO or just only searching for a new kind of RPG.

Sword Art Online the Game PS Vita

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment

SAO for PS Vita was released on April 24, 2014 in Japan. Sword Art Online the game for this platform titled “Hollow Fragment” and takes place in the same alternate storyline as Infinity Moment, and includes all content of “Floor Clearing” from the previous game by adding new unexplored “Hollow Area” of Aincrad. The main character Kirito will cross swords with a mysterious player who would turn out to be the key characters in the overall game.

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»Sword Art Online – Hollow Fragment – [Japan Import]«

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment manages to re-tell the end of the arc in the video game version, and although it is not the best RPG on the PS Vita, it is pretty much a must-have for hardcore fans of the series who always thought about what lurked beyond the 75th floor of Aincrad. Hollow Fragment is actually a semi-sequel that brings the improvements the original visuals and gives more content, like a new storyline and area called “The Hollow Area”. Quite simply, you are going to be up to speed if this is your first SAO game. So, my recommendation is you need to play the Infinity Moment before you grab this one.

On your adventure from floors 76 to 100, you will have access to one town called “Arc Sofia”. I love the city concept in theory, but the hub itself is not all that visually vibrant, or lively in terms of gameplay. Because the game is offline, you need to find NPCs through your “friend list” feature and monitor them down. You also have the choice to enter into the “Hollow” anytime you want, and complete another storyline with popular new comer on game, Philia, which definitely breaks up the monotony of Arc Sofia because the Hollow is more of an open world in comparison to Aincrad’s floor-by-floor set up approach.

Keep in mind that Hollow Fragment has a superficial amount of depth. Even though your characters do have access to a number of skills and strategies, most opponents and bosses can be whittled down by sheer force of will with the same techniques. There’s a level of customization to aid bolster your fun. Although Kirito’s is basically a dual wielding, there are 10 weapons types and skills in all that you can learn and switch to at will to fit your play style.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song

sword-art-online-lost-songLost Song is the third video game developed by Ardink and was released on March 26, 2015 in Japan. The producer of the game revealed in October 2014 that the game is an open-world action RPG having an original story, set within Alfheim Online, where characters have the ability to fly.

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»Sword Art Online: Lost Song – PlayStation Vita«

A comprehensible storyline and strong solid characters, though, are just a tiny part of what makes Sword Art Online: Lost Song stick out. The broader reason why SAO: Lost Song works is the fact, in all respects, it is a fun and great game. The quest seem sensible, and are integrated into the story rather than just being assigned to you because the story needs to be moved along. Battle is smooth, and the game does a great job of making it easy to focus on and slash your way through opponent monsters.

The huge thing is how you get around – your character can fly. And not only limited floating from Point A to Point B like you enter most games, either. The moment you step into world outside SAO’s hub town, you can soar all around the map. Also, flying here is fun, and even on the Vita’s smaller screen, the game does a significant job of making it feel just like you are really moving and changing speeds, whether you are just flying around for fun or engaged in a mid-air battle.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

Sword Art Online Hollow RealizationYes, this will be the newest SAO game in this year. The game will be released on October 27, 2016 in Japan for PS Vita and PS4. And hey, Sword Art Online has top popularity in anime fans circle, so this game will be sold like candy. But don’t worry, you can pre-order this game on amazon by visiting this page.

Story is supervised by Reki Kawahara. This game will tell a unique story that will haunt and joy longtime fans as well as those finding the expansive SAO world for the first time. It will a new fight system brings the enjoyment of an MMO to the single player experience.

I can’t give you any further information about this game, but I will review it for you once it released.

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