The Best Danganronpa Merchandise Picked From Amazon

For you who have special skills, you may have a chance to enter the most elite school in Japan called Hope’s Peak Academy. But be careful, this place isn’t an ordinary school because you won’t have the time to hone your skills, but you will enter a survival game instead. By the way, Are you interested in Danganronpa merchandise?

This recommended Danganronpa merchandise will include:

  • Danganronpa Plush
  • Danganronpa Jacket
  • Danganronpa T-Shirt
  • Danganronpa Poster
  • Danganronpa Bag
  • Danganronpa Wristwatch
  • Danganronpa Mini Figures
  • Danganronpa Slippers

If you are a fan of this show, we already picked the best Danganronpa merchandise from Amazon! This stuffs or items have good review from its buyers so you don’t need to worry about its quality. If you are not familiar about this series yet, you can read our Danganronpa review in other different page.

Danganronpa Monokuma Plush

Sold by Cosalon. Price: $6.57. You can get Danganronpa merchandise Monokuma plush through this link.

Monokuma is the main antagonist from Danganronpa series, despite he’s under control of someone, however, this little guy has original character and personality, makes him to be one of the most popular characters of the series. It’s not Danganronpa without Monokuma, so he gains popularity.

We know that this little guy is really bad and so much people hate him, but it’s so different in plush mode. I mean, it’s gonna be mandatory item for any Danganronpa fans!

You will love this little guy in plushie! Monokuma plush is so soft and adorable. Some buyers can not express this plush through his words because Monokuma plush is so perfect. This plush is not only for Danganronpa fans, but also for any plush lovers. Especially you are a fan of both of them.

Danganronpa Monokuma Jacket

Sold by Lifeye. Price: $22.90 – $24.90. You can get this Danganronpa merchandise Jacket through this link.

Still from Monokuma! This cute jacket will fit on girl body! You will look more cute by wearing this jacket! Just like Monokuma, this jacket has white and black in colors and only includes of sweatshirt. The design itself is hoodie and zipper. There are 2 different style, the long and the short hand! You can choose which one the best for you!

This is an original product and really eye-catching. I bet you won’t find someone who wearing this around you. This is also good for your cosplay as Monokuma. This Monokuma Jacket will also be fit in winter or fall season, because it’s so warm and super soft.

I recommend this stuff for people who love cute things, cosplayers, and Danganronpa fans! You can also find a guide of Danganronpa cosplay tutorial if you need it, still on Anime Bibly.

Danganronpa T-Shirt

Sold by Pende. Price: $12.58. You can get by this Danganronpa merchandise T-Shirt through this link.

It’s spring and it’s warm. So, maybe you don’t want wearing a hot jacket, or you are a male who don’t want to wearing cute things. So, I think this Danganronpa T-Shirt will work for you.

Just like the image, this T-Shirt has black color which displaying Monokuma in the front. It is made of 100% cotton and you can wash it on your machine.

This is another good item or stuff for any Danganronpa fans! Or you can also make this as a gift for someone who love anime or Danganronpa franchise. He or she doesn’t need love specific Danganronpa series because Monokuma always showing up in all franchise! Get it now!

Danganronpa Poster

Sold by liwei. Price: $12.05. You can get this Danganronpa merchandise poster through this link.

This poster shows collaboration of Danganronpa 1 and 2. You can see the main character of each series in front with determined expression.

This high quality scroll poster will be a good item or stuff for any Danganronpa fans and will make your room more unique. With 23.6 X 34.5 inches, you will find your room has different atmosphere than before.

The wall scroll itself is made of Fiber fabric and including a hanging rod as seen in the picture. One of the buyers said that this poster is very fit in his room. But please note that this poster has really pink color. However, it’s not odd at all, because, you know why… It’s Danganronpa series that usually has vibrant color in the series.

Danganronpa School Bag

Sold by Siawasey. Price: $39.99. You can get this Danganronpa merchandise School bag through this link.

Do you want to go to school with this awesome bag? Yes… why not?? This bag displaying Monokuma, the main antagonist of Danganronpa franchise. The logo color itself will change in the evening after absorbing sunlight.

This Danganronpa school bag is made of super high quality canvas and PU leather. For the size is 29CM(L)*44CM(H)*14CM(W).

This bag is also fit for high schooler or even college if needed since this is high quality product and has perfect design. The material itself is very durable and will be fit for both girls and boys. You can find 5 pockets in this bag including 2 big pocket, 1 medium, and 2 small pockets.

This Danganronpa school bag is really recommended for any Danganronpa fans who want to carry a lot of items to school or college!

Danganronpa Wristwatch

Sold by Wild for Life. Price: $29.99. You can get this Danganronpa Wristwatch through this link.

Don’t forget about time! Time is really important than money because you can make more money, but not the time. So, make sure you always check your time anytime you need it!

This Danganronpa wristwatch will display the time automatically in every 15 minutes. However, you can turn it off you don’t like it. This product is mild water resistant, means that it can endure rain water, but can not carry it to the swimming pool.

However, this products is still to be a good item for any Danganronpa fans! Good build quality and the LEDs are bright! Touch works perfectly when you need it to. You can make it as a gift, and I’m sure she or he will really love it!

Danganronpa One Coin Mini Figures Collection

Sold by Kotobukiya. Price: $57.09. You can get this Danganronpa mini figures through this link.

Do you want to make your room more unique? Don’t hang the poster alone, but also try to display these mini figures on your shelf or desk to show all people that you are a Danganronpa fans.

Imported by Kotobukiya, each stand approximately 45mm in height. 1 box includes 9 different varieties.

The buyers are really happy with the purchased since they are really beautiful and cute, plus the amazing service from the seller. I know that the price is little high but I think it’s worth for the penny.

Dangan-Ronpa Messenger Bag

Sold by YOYOSHome. Price: $37.88. You can get this Dangan-Ronpa messenger bag through this link.

Another bag that’s displaying Monokuma, you can use this messenger bag for daily routine! This product is made of high quality PU and canvas with size around 14.1”(L)*10.2”(H)*4.3”(W).

This gonna be good looking bag with good print and katakana letter in top of it. The Katakana itself written “monokuma (モノクマ)”. Beside you can use it for yourself, you can use it as a gift, too! We sure everyone will love it, especially if she or he is a fan of Danganronpa series.

You can carry up to 5 sub notebook and 5 smaller book inside it! It would fit perfectly. So, why don’t you get this cool design bag for you? Get it today!

Danganronpa Slippers

Sold by CZY. Price: $23.43. You can get this Danganronpa slipper through this link.

Do you love to walking around using slippers? Now, you can wear slipper with your favorite character, Monokuma. This slippers are made of plush.

These slippers are really warm and cute, and you can wear them all the time indoor. The bottom feels more like memory foam and have a nice comfort to them.

Overall, this is really a great product! Really recommended for you!

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