Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Cosplay Stuffs

Cosplay team here!! Today we want to show you how to make a cosplay of characters from anime series Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. The characters from both anime and light novel have great personality, especially the main heroine Emilia. But, through this article, we won’t talk about Emilia alone. Instead, we will give you a (almost) complete list of characters appearance and how to bring them into your cosplay.

We will guide you which stuffs you need to get rightly, and choose them from amazon store with good quality and reviews. So, you won’t make any mistakes.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Cosplay Stuffs


And here we go… the complete list and tutorial of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu cosplay for you!

Natsuki Subaru Cosplay

Natsuki Subaru CosplayLet’s start the list with the protagonist Natsuki Subaru. He is an air-headed, powerless, and annoying boy comes from our world. Despite his drawbacks, he turns into a great tactician. Cosplaying as Subaru is quite easy, since he comes from Japan and a NEET, you only need a black T-shirt and tracksuit, and also a pair of casual shoes. Don’t forget about his hair! You can choose the short and spiky wig to completing your appearance!

Here are the stuffs and outfit we recommend!

natsuki subaru tracksuit
Natsuki Subaru Tracksuit
natsuki subaru shoes
Natsuki Subaru Shoes
natsuki subaru wig
Natsuki Subaru Wig
natsuki subaru shirt
Natsuki Subaru Shirt

Emilia Cosplay

Re:Zero Emilia CosplayDo you want to be a cute half-elf in the next cosplay event? Then, try to cosplaying Emilia from Re:Zero. The main heroine of the series has long silver hair with blue eyes, and always wearing a white and purple outfit.

Emilia is a kind and love to take care of others. Her appearance resembles to the Witch of Envy, Satella, which make her receives unfair discrimination from others. Even so, she has been chosen to become candidate of 42nd Queen of Lugunica.

Want to cosplaying her? Grab these stuffs!

re zero emilia costume
Emilia Costume
re zero emilia shoes
Emilia Shoes
re zero emilia wig
Emilia Wig
re zero emilia cat hoodie
Emilia Cat Hoodie

The cat hoodie is an optional. Emilia wears it when she visits the Alam village and capital city with Subaru to make her not easily recognized by others.

Rem / Ram Cosplay

Re:Zero Ram and Rem CosplayAnother main heroines from the series. Rem gains her popularity after she devotes herself to follow and trust Subaru. She also gains her title from “supporting character” into “main character”. It’s rare to find these kind of characters.

Rem is a maid, precisely, a demon maid. She has a blue hair and always wears a maid costume. Rem is very cute and a dependable person. So, I bet many fans love her personality and appearance. For female fans, it’s worth to bring her into your cosplay.

While Ram is her older sister, has a pink hair and wears the same maid costume. Just like her little sister, Ram is a demon but losing her power after her horn was cut off by witch cult.

Ready to turns into a cute demon maid? Here are stuffs you need!

re zero rem costume
Rem / Ram Costume
re zero rem wig
Rem Wig
re zero rem shoes
Rem / Ram Shoes
Re:Zero Ram Wig
Ram Wig

Please note that, basically Rem wears the same maid uniform and shoes with her sister Ram. So, don’t be confuse to choose the outfit, they are definitely same except the hair.

Beatrice Cosplay

Beatrice CosplayLoli girl… Loli girl… Everywhere!! There would be a “big hole” if a fantasy anime series without a loli girl. But Re:Zero seems not to skip this one! Beatrice is totally a loli girl, but she’s not an ordinary person. Whether she is a human or not, we don’t know. Even so, she is a dependable person and someone who can rely on and trust, especially for Subaru, who removes his curse during Alam village incident.

Just like what we said, Beatrice is a loli girl with tsundere nature. She has long cream colored hair with blue eyes with butterfly pattern in the center. She always wears rose red dress like a western ojou-sama.

For anyone who wants to become a mysterious mage Beatrice, get these stuffs right away!!

Beatrice Dress Cosplay
Beatrice Red Dress
re zero beatrice wig
Beatrice Wig

Crusch Karsten Cosplay

Crusch Karsten CosplayOne of Emilia’s rival for Lugunica’s queen candidate. Crusch has strict personality and honest person. She also is capable on read people intention, whether the person is lying or not, thanks to her skills to see the wind. It’s also said that Crusch is the third heroine after Emilia and Rem, especially after raiding the white whale near to the Flugel’s tree. The most awesome thing is, Crusch is involving herself into the raid and take the command.

In one of episodes in the anime series, Crusch wears a dress like other noblewomen, but in her work times, she tends to dress as a men. She has long dark green hair with amber eyes.

Are you ready to become female knight with swordsmanship skill? Here we go… What you need to cosplaying as Crusch Karsten!

crusch karsten costume
Crusch Karsten Costume
crusch karsten wig
Crusch Karsten Wig

Reinhard van Astrea Cosplay

Reinhard van Astrea CosplayReinhard is one of the royal knight in Lugunica. I guess he looks more like a protagonist than Subaru. He has a power, skills, good nature, good looking, easy going, and almost all the things protagonists should have. Please don’t be offended, we don’t said Subaru is bad, especially for this series. Subaru very fits as main character, thanks to the emotional moments in both anime and light novel.

Reinhard reminds me of Kirito, he must be popular among women. Reinhard has short red hair and always wearing his white uniform. As a royal knight, he is also skilled in swordsmanship.

As someone who love to wear knight uniform, bringing Reinhard into your cosplay may be the good idea! Here stuffs you should have!

reinhard van astrea costume
Reinhard Costume
reinhard van astrea wig
Reinhard Wig
Reinhard van Astrea Shoes
Reinhard Shoes
reinhard van astrea sword
Reinhard Sword

Felix Argyle Cosplay

Felix Argyle CosplayMany people trapped by cute cat-face appearance, Felix Argyle, when this character was debut for the first time in the series. Beauty, funny, cute, but honestly, this character is “he” – a man. Even Subaru trapped by him. Mew!!!

Just like Reinhard, Felix is one of the Royal Knight in Lugucina and serves for Crusch Karsten. He skilled in healing ability and a water magic user. Felix has brown hair with yellow eyes. In casual outfit, he’s always wearing female dress. So, I think Felix could be brought by female cosplayers. Do you want to be a cute cat in the next cosplay event? Get this Re:Zero Felix cosplay stuffs!

felix argyle costume
Felix Argyle Costume
felix argyle wig
Felix Argyle Wig

Satella Cosplay

The “Witch of Envy” who resembles to Emilia. On the first season of the series, we couldn’t find her appearance, except her shadow and unseen hand. But, we sure that this Satella will appear in the next season and it would be great! So, we decided to save one slot for her!

That’s for Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu cosplay stuffs recommendation. If you find that your favorite character isn’t on the list, relax, we will update it and put another characters onto the list, maybe.

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