Noragami Cosplay Tips, Tutorial, and Stuffs

AnimeBibly’s Cosplay team – Hello fellow cosplayers, what’s up?!? Since our news team conducting some research to determine the 10 most popular Noragami Characters on internet, we’re cosplay team also decided to give you some tips how to make a cosplay of characters from Noragami series. As we knew that both Noragami manga and Noragami anime have no huge number of characters like certain anime, but still they are very memorable. Especially for its fans.

Noragami Cosplay

Through this article, we’d like to give you a recommendation which stuffs you need to get on Amazon in order to make your appearances as Noragami cosplay as perfect as possible. The stuffs themselves have already good reviews from their buyers.

And here we go… the complete list and tutorial of Noragami cosplay for you!

Yato Noragami Cosplay

Yato Noragami CosplayLet’s start with our main protagonist, the stray-god Yato. He is a god of war who wants to build his own shrine. In the past, he was identified as a god of calamity, but currently he calls himself a “delivery god” and often writes his own cell number in public areas in case someone needs his help.

Yato appears like a rather interesting young man who looks to be in his early twenties. He’s usually seen being dressed in a navy jersey with a small golden crown on the right side. He wears a pair of brown leather boots that go over his jersey. He’s also wearing a faded white scarf with tears along it around his neck.

Here are the stuffs and outfit we recommend!

Yato CostumeYato Costume
Yato WigYato Wig
Yato Boots / ShoesYato Boots / Shoes
Yato KatanaYato Katana / Sword

Yukine Cosplay

Yukine CosplayYukine is Yato’s Regalia. His regalia name is “Sekki”, whose shape is a katana. He past away at a young age making him miss normal life as a teenager. He behaves his age, and once stole money from people with the excuse that it’s acceptable since he’s dead.

In his human form Yukine appears as young teenager with short and messy hair. When he was first summoned by Yato, he’s wearing a simple white robe, like a Japanese shinishozoku. He’s later shown with a blue hoodie, teal knit cap, and loose grey jeans. Sometimes he changes his appearance by wears white T-shirt, green knee-length jacket with fur-rimmed hood, and dark blue jeans.

Want to cosplaying him? Grab these stuffs!

Yukine CostumeYukine Costume
Yukine WigYukine Wig
Yukine Knit Cap
Yukine Shoes

Iki Hiyori Cosplay

Iki Hiyori CosplayHiyori is a high school student and becomes a half-ayakashi after she saved Yato from car accident, which she grows the problem of involuntarily falling asleep all of the sudden resulting from her soul “slipping out” of her body and somehow getting stuck between the human world and the afterlife.

As a high school student, Hiyori appears to be rather attractive. She’s usually wearing her middle school uniform, which includes a lavender sailor shirt and a knee-length skirt. She changes clothes from time to time, wearing a grey overcoat over the uniform and wearing a pink scarf during the winter season.

Ready to turns into a beauty half-ayakashi? Here are stuffs you need

Hiyori Iki CostumeIki Hiyori Costume
Iki Hiyori WigIki Hiyori Wig
Iki Hiyori Coat
Red Scarf

Kofuku Cosplay

Kofuku CosplayKofuku is binbougami (god of poverty). She’s energetic and gentle, but can be fierce and stands up if when needed. She is known to have an uptempo personality, and a bit of light headed and carefree.

Kofuku has the appearance of an attractive, petite teenage girl. Her hair is puffy with a baby pink colored, curling inwards at the end with several fly-a ways. Every so often, she’s wearing a sweater over her top.

For anyone who wants to become a cute binbougami Kofuku, get these stuffs right away!!

Kofuku CostumeKofuku Costume
Kofuku WigKofuku Wig

That’s Noragami cosplay tips and recommended stuffs for you. These characters are mostly the most popular in the series. If you plan to become one of them, why don’t you try these stuffs out? And also, we have the best and recommended Noragami merchandise on our different page!

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