Kirito Figure Anime Sword Art Online – PVC Figma Review

Kirito figure from anime Sword Art Online has become one of the best stuffs in Amazon store for anime categories. So, through this article, we will list all version that you may interested to choose one or two.

Kirito is the main character of the series, and is portrayed as a teenager who was elected as one of 1, 000 beta testers for a completely new state-of-the-art VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online. Following game is launched to the general public, him and 10, 000 other players soon find out that they are cannot log out, holding them within the simulation, thus starting off his quest to successfully conquer the game to set them free.

With the reputation of Sword Art Online, Kirito has grown to be an extremely well-known character in anime and manga fandom, regularly appearing on lists of the most well-known fictional characters. Furthermore, Kirito has appeared in various official product, and has been the main topic of mixed to mostly good critical reception, with focus on his traits, personality, and relationship with fellow player and love interest Asuna.

Kirito Figure Sword Art Online

Kirito Figure

Sega Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax: Kirito High Grade Figure.

This can be the only Kirito figure I’ve seen where he is dual wielding his swords, an item I truly wanted in a Kirito figure. The figure itself can be a little small, and I’m sure his facial expression leaves something to be sought after, but overall it’s a really excellent figure, especially for the price range.

This figure rocks !! I love the variable pose and the sculpt of the flowing cape. I moreover love the facial expression! It kind of annoys me that people did not realize his mouth was plainly open in the picture because you can see it. The paint job is fine there are a few poor spots, but in general the paint job is not that bad. The one thing I had a problem with was keeping the swords in the slots of his both hands. It was a truly tight fit and I could not get the sword absolutely in the hand slot. But apart from that this figure is a superb addition to your collection!

This is really the only SAO figure which has a good dual wielding thingy… You can not find something with dual wielding or ever Kirito from the first generation effortlessly. You can purchase the Figma, but the expression is not as good if you want a fighting Kirito.

Kirito Figma GGO

Kirito Figma GGO

Furyu Sword Art Online II Special GGO Gun Gale Online 6″ Kirito Figure.

Officially licensed by Furyu, cute and colelctible, new and sealed inside retail packaging, limited availability, and approximately 4″L x 5″W x 6″H in size.

I was really pleased with this purchase, since this is my favorite Kirito avatar and it’s also presented well. I was afraid the blade could be too short when i saw the picture, but I went ahead and bought it. I was glad by the length of the blade once the product arrived. It’s maybe a bit longer than it has to be, even though I’m pleased with the length as-is.

I hate to leave out my criticism even though I’m pleased with a purchase. That said, this product is almost perfect in every way, specially when thinking about the very low price range ($20-25). Just one downside I can bring to mind is that the sword likes to slip out of his hand. It’s not a major annoyance, since it stays in place very well. I literally think it’s just a bonus, since it doesn’t have that annoying, hole-based attachment design. The sword just seems as if it’s normally sitting in his palm. I know, it’s really not a flaw until you just like those hole-based attachment designs.

I moreover wish the sword was lit. I’d prefer more of a variable effect, maybe a few LEDs in the sword which could be turned on / off.

This prize figure of Kirito in his GGO M9000 Avatar form has excellent detail, from his flowing hair to his Photon Sword into his FN Five Seven handgun, The attention to depth on this figure is actually nice, So if you are a enthusiast of Sword Art Online or simply a collector seeking excellent figures to add to your shelf I recommend this figure.

Kirito POP Figure

Kirito Pop Figure

Funko POP Anime: Sword Art Online Kirito Action Figure

There seems to be an alternate version available in another place with two glowing blue swords, but I needed this one, since it holds true to the character–how could you be the Black Swordsman without a black sword? I could get the matching Asuna too.

Details are excellent on this Pop–all the lines and straps of his clothes, his hair… no mistaking who this is supposed to be. Fantastic for a Sword Art Online fanatic.

This pop figure is also looks great. A must have for any fan. This can be a well-known version. So cute! Word of tips the one defined as “hot topic exclusive” has the swords all mistaken as Kirito is holding two blue swords. This type is adequate as he is holding elucidator and dark repulser.

Kirito Chibi Figure

Kirito Chibi Figure

Griffon Sword Art Online: Kirito Nanorich VC Action Figure.

This Kirito chibi figure is an import from Griffon.
Inludes extra face and hand parts.
The figure itself is stands for 4,5″ tall.

I love it, he has the duel swords and everything, is quite sturdy and easy to repair if it comes apart, interchangable faceplates, arms, and legs, and his stand even speaks kirito’s voice in Japanese.

so well worth the price for it. even contains the batteries.

This cute chibi figure of Kirito could be the great collection, especially if you love Kirito as your favorite character on the series.

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