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Hey, Cosplay team here. Today, we want to show how to make a Kirito cosplay from anime series Sword Art Online. Basically, Kirito or Kirigaya Kazuto has lots of version so you need at least choose one which version do you prefer. Kirito described the appearance of his avatar at the start of the Sword Art Online game and the beta-testing phase as getting the appearance of a extremely handsome protagonist from some fantasy world, looking plainly older than he really was. His avatar in-game height was same to that of his height in real life to avoid the extra height from limiting his movements.

But at the time of Kayaba Akihiko’s new tutorial, all avatars were switched to reflect their real world appearances, all of them, including his face and hairstyle in real life. After this change, Kirito’s avatar had a bit long but a neat black hair and black eyes. His soft face showed no trace of masculinity, giving people to quite simply mistake bum for a girl.

Through this article, we won’t talk about his beta-tester avatar, but we will discuss about how to make a Kirito cosplay when he was in Aincrad, ALfheim Online, Gun Gale Online, and also his casual style from real world. There are a lot of Kirito costumes available here!

Kirito Cosplay Sword Art Online Game

After the original stages, Kirito grew to be popular in SAO as the Black Swordsman thanks to his habit to dress in black clothing.

Kirito Cosplay

His dresses in SAO version consisted of black pants with a black belt that had a huge silver buckle, a black V-neck shirt underneath a black Kirito trench coat with gray lining going down the sleeves. This Kirito cosplay coat called SAO coat of night, or also known as Kirito midnight cloak in cosplay community.

Kirito always wear this Kirito clothes during his journey in Aincrad, before finally one guild called Knight of the Blood Oath invited him to join and changed his cloths. But when raid party begins to beat the 75 floor’s boss, he switches back to this Kirito costume.

Kirito has a slightly long black hair but still neat. So, you’ll need Kirito wig that we have provided below.

Some materials you should get to make your appearance as Kirito SAO version. Basically you’ll need this main Sword Art Online Kirito cosplay costume and most of the materials you need are taken from Amazon and we also provide them with review and detail. However, these Kirito cosplay costume amazon were chosen based on their quality! So you don’t need to worry about the items. Here are what you need including Sword Art Online Kirito coat that you look for.

Kirito Cosplay Costume SAO Version
Kirito Sword Art Online Costume 
$ 49.99 ~ $ 53.00
Kirito SAO Wig
$ 15.99
Kirito Shoes
$ 76.89
Elucidator Amazon
$ 69.99
Dark Repulser
$ 49.95

Kirito Knight of Blood Cosplay

Kirito Knight of Blood CosplayKirito used two swords after his Unique Skill called Dual Blades was unveiled, the Elucidator and the Dark Repulser. It was started when he was forced to switch on his Dual Blades secret technique to save Asuna along with the others. After the boss battle, word about Kirito’s ability spread all over Aincrad.

Asuna wanted a short-term leave of absence from her guild and Heathcliff, the leader, stated that he would only make it possible for permission if Kirito defeated him in a duel. If Kirito lost, he must join the Knights of the Blood guild. Kirito approved the battle and was on the fence of winning, but, at the very last moment, Heathcliff moved with impossible acceleration. The duel ended with Kirito’s great loss, forcing him to comply with their deal. He was presented with an KoB clothes. He later put on the white and red uniform of the Knights of the Blood after being defeated by its leader Heathcliff in a open public duel.

In other word, there are 2 Kirito’s SAO cosplay costume, the first one is black color, and the second is it. Here are what you need to make a Kirito cosplay costume Knight of Blood version or Kirito cloak. (For Sword Art Online Kirito wig, Elucidator and Dark Repulser are still same with SAO version above).

Kirito Knight of Blood Cosplay
$ 104.95
Kirito Knight of Blood Shoes
KoB SAO Kirito Boots
$ 135.00

Kirito Cosplay ALfheim Online version

Kirito Cosplay Alfheim Online VersionIn order to save Asuna in other game, Kirito inserted the Alfheim Online client into his NerveGear and dive once again into the game. At the character creation screen, because being forced by time and not intending play the game too seriously, he chosen the Spriggan race due to the original black-themed gear rather than based on the race’s skills and weak points.

Kirito’s original physical appearance was that of a default Spriggan, which he opted due to the race’s black-themed gear. Instead of the usual dark forelocks hanging from his head, his dark hair stood in natural spikes. His big eyes looked mischievous, and he had pointy ears and dark-greyish blue wings. He has a large broadsword, meant for larger sized players, such as Imps. He will at times dual wield using his experience from Sword Art Online.

Here are what you need to make a Kirito cosplay from Alfheim Online game.

$ 135.95
$ 75.78
$ 109.99

Kirito Cosplay Real World (Winter)

Kirito Real World JacketAfter Kirito logged Asuna out, he got his bike and started pedaling toward the hospital where Asuna was being looked after. As Kirito rand towards the entrance, he was attacked by someone. He then noticed that his right arm was bleeding, and identified his attacker as Sugou, who, even though feeling lots of pain, chosen to kill him. As Kirito was hopeless to protect himself from Sugou because of his bleeding arm. Sugou made an effort to kill Kirito, but missed thanks to his eye being fuzzy.

As Sugou tried to do the finishing strike once again, Kirito’s thoughts of Asuna gave him the determination to stop him, and switched the situation in his side. Kirito then smashed Sugou into a vehicle, and had the knife aimed to his neck. Thinking of all the things Sugou did to him and Asuna, Kirito almost slain him but, ultimately, let him alive.

During this scene, Kirito is wearing his winter jacket. So, if you want to cosplaying as him but still want to wearing it in your daily activities, this Kirito’s jacket would the right choice for you.

Kirito Winter Jacket
Kirito Cosplay Jacket

For wig, you can use the same wig as he was in Sword Art Online or Aincrad appearance. It’s totally same.

Kirito Gun Gale Online Cosplay

Kirito Gun Gale Online CosplayLet’s move to the Sword Art Online Season 2. As soon as Kikuoka Seijirou, who manages net criminal acts division, called him to a pastry shop to talk, Kirito found out about the Death Gun incidents. After hearing concerning potential threat to MMO online game security Kirito decided to investigate GGO for a fee. Upon converting to GGO, he was surprised at his avatar appearance being incredibly feminine. He encountered Sinon while looking for help.

Kirito, with low money and with Sinon’s tips, took part in a bullet dodging game. Kirito, using his previous knowledge with NPC targeting, successfully won the game and gained a lot of money. Kirito applied all his money in buying a photon sword, a Kagemitsu G4, an FN Five-Seven plus some gear to take part in the 3rd Bullet of Bullets event.

Kirito’s avatar in Gun Gale Online is one of the uncommon M9000 series. It’s an avatar that a great many male players dream of using, because of its feminine physical appearance. Kirito’s avatar in Gun Gale Online is both shorter plus more slim compared to his spriggan avatar in ALfheim Online.

In GGO, Kirito’s cloak resembles to a girl’s. Here are what you need to make a cosplay as Kirito in GGO version. This Kirito suit will make you so cute.

Kirito Gun Gale Online Costume
Kirito GGO Costume
$ 119.95
Kirito Gun Gale Online Wig
Long Hair Wig
$ 29.00
Kirito Gun Gale Online Boots
$ 65.00
FN Five-Seven Replica $ 149.99 BUY NOW
FN Five-Seven Replica
$ 149.99

Kirito Photon Sword

In this form, it also will fit for female cosplayer. You can use your feminine side to make a Kirito cosplay in this Gun Gale Online version.

SAO Kirito Real World Jacket Cosplay ver.2

Kirito JacketAfter logging out, Kirito rushed over to Shino’s home and arrived just in time to save her from one of Death Gun’s accomplices. Several days later, he went to Shino’s school and took her to meet Seijirou. After talking over the current incident, he taken her to the Dicey Cafe, where they met with Asuna and Lisbeth, and a woman Shino had rescued during the incident in the post office.

During this scene, Kirito is wearing different SAO jacket as he wore in season 1. He also seen putting on it when he was dating with Asuna in Tokyo park.

Kirito Jacket
Casual Sword Art Online Kirito Jacket
$ 34.49

Kirito Alfheim Online Cosplay ver. 2

Kirito Mother's Rosario CosplayDuring Mother’s Rosario arc, after witnessing both Lisbeth and Leafa fairly easily defeated by Absolute Sword Yuuki, Kirito made a decision to try dueling her himself, only using a single sword. Midway during the duel, he’d a suspicion concerning his opponent and asked her whether she had completely turn into a resident of the virtual world. Instead of an answer, Kirito was attacked with a high-speed attack and lost the duel.

In this arc, he switched his former spiky hair style into his old SAO appearance because of Yui‘s request. The cause of the request was that it was very difficult for her to take a seat on the spiky kirito hairstyle. Later, he also gained a new coat and changed his broadsword to a new long sword, with an extra one in his inventory. Sometimes, he uses the golden and legendary Excalibur that he gained from Calibur quest in Jotunheim.

Here we go, what you need to make yourself as Kirito in this form. You may also need 2 different Kirito cosplay swords as he’s seen in several scenes and arcs using dual sword.

Kirito Mother's Rosario Costume
Sword Art Online Kirito Costume
$ 135.00
Kirito ALO Shoes
$ 69.95
Kirito Alfheim Online Long Sword
Kirito Long Sword
$ 112.00
Kirito Excalibur Sword
Kirito Excalibur
$ 93.00

You can also use Excalibur as your dual wielding style. For wig, you can use the same hair style with Sword Art Online’s Aincrad arc.

Kirito Ordinal Scale Cosplay

Oops, this movie hasn’t been released yet. But, I will update this section when the movie released, I promise. So far, we have 7 different version of his cosplay tips. You can choose which one you prefer to play. Have fun!! 🙂

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