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Haikyuu!! manga – Sports genre is one of the most interesting story on manga world. It’s full of energy, motivation, dream, friendship, teamwork, and seishun! Recently, there is one title that rocks manga and anime fans both inside and outside Japan, it’s called Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! manga is a Japanese shounen series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate which has been serialized in in Weekly Shounen Jump since 2012, with the tankoubon volumes published by Shueisha.

This Haikyuu!! manga gains huge popularity (but, some people thing that it’s over-rated) and has also been adapted into an anime. The anime already had 3 seasons so far and also very popular, especially in this Fall 2016, it flies like a raven. Viz Media acts as English publisher for the manga, so it’s already available for English native speakers.

Haikyuu!! Manga Volume 1 Review

Haikyuu Manga Volume 1 Review
Haikyuu!! vol 1

Hinata has had one purpose: to turn into the best volleyball player he can be. Sadly for Hinata, he is really short and for that reason he must make up for vertical obstacle through mobility on the court and on the teamwork, Tobio Kageyama aka “King of the Court”. Kageyama is a genius player but terrible at the social skills. However, when they find themselves in the same team in high school, they will discover some hard lessons about volleyball from their senior teammates. And perhaps along the way, they are going to become not only better volleyball players but also far better people.

The volume 1 includes:

1. Endings and Beginnings
2. Karasuno High School’s Volleyball Club
3. The Simple-Minded
4. The Strongest Ally
5. The King of The Court
6. A Story From Junior High
7. The Words Of The Have-Nots

This series is much of fun! The characters are all interesting and you certainly grow to respect and like them. Before getting into this manga, I wasn’t really interested in volleyball, nor did I know most things about it. I do think that goes to show that the plot itself and characters truly pull you in, even if you don’t have prior knowledge of the sport, like me. Furthermore, there is good amount of jokes along the way. I am very thrilled for the release of the next volumes.

Certainly, the reason to read Haikyuu!! manga is for the characters. hinata can be so much fun in his undying confidence and energy. In contrast to Kageyama, the sparring of the weird-combi is pretty fun to watch. But the supporting characters are also interesting, mainly the senior teammates and wise captain who knows how to bring out the best in his team. His plans to get Kageyama and Hinata to work together are clever but also entertaining.

Haikyuu!! Volume 2 Review

Haikyuu Volume 2 Review
Haikyuu!! Volume 2

Hinata and Kageyama showed they could work together. Much more, they showed that they can create awesome plays. But everyone realizes the team is still filled with holes and can be taken out very easily. So a friendly match is arranged with another school team to see if the group can pull it off consistently. but, it turns out it’s the school that most of Kageyama’s former middle school teammates now enroll in.

The volume 2 includes:

8. The View From The Top!
9. Combo Formed
10. The Strain On The Timid
11. A “Reunion” And “Utter Failure”
12. Normal Movements
13. An Interesting Team
14. VS. the “Grand King”
15. Chemical Reaction
16. One More Genius

Nearly all of this volume is the practice game at the other school where Kageyama and Hinata ought to show that they can actually do their insane fast play. A super talented senpai and rival of Kageyama is unveiled, and their team’s ace shows up on the scene.

Haikyuu!! manga can be good fun. The characters are interesting and the author Furudate-sensei never takes anyone too seriously so the story can flow perfectly. Also, the introduction of new characters will keep the story line fresh and provides our characters varied challenges.

So, yeah, I really loving this. Volume 2 comes with a lot more sport action with almost every scene taking place on the court. Even thought they are playing, practicing, talking about the volleyball all the time, the characters’ feelings and connections with each other are truly the most crucial point.

Haikyuu!! Volume 3 Review

Haikyuu!! Volume 3 Reviews
Haikyuu!! Volume 3

Karasuno has successfully beat Oikawa Touru and Aoba Jousai in their friendly match, but the team’s future doesn’t appear so bright. The game uncovered serious holes in Karasuno’s defense, which would be damaging in an actual macth! What they are required is a defense skilled, a libero, to protect their gaps for them. It turns out Karasuno does have a libero named Nishinoya Yuu, but he was suspended for a while for violent action!

The volume 3 includes:

17. A Storm
18. The One Called the “Ace”
19. True Feelings
20. The Guardian Deity
21. A Toss to the Ace
22. Admiration
23. Equivalent Points
24. Team Karasuno, Full Speed Ahead
25. Encounter

An extremely good volume. A lot of practice on the court and teaches much more about the game. This Haikyuu!! manga volume may be very character focused introducing three new characters to the team. The ex-coach, we have already met him several times but he returns and we discover his backstory and thoughts. Also, two new members are unveiled, both have been off the team for a while, someone who was suspended from the school, and other had come to be afraid to play anymore. The volume shows their back stories and current emotional situation.

Haikyuu!! Volume 4 Review

Haikyuu!! Volume 4 Review
Haikyuu!! Volume 4

The training camp begins with a bang! Hinata together with his teammates practice their hearts out in preparation for the friendly match against Nekoma, but they will must improve their receiving skills if they want to win. Then ultimately, after all their hard work, the moment they have all been waiting for arrives. The rebirth of the long-standing rivalry between the crows and cats!

The volume 4 includes:

26. Determination
27. The Cats and Crows Meet Again!
28. The ‘Oni’ and the ‘Kanabo’
29. The Brain
30. A Way to Fly
31. Rivals
32. An Adult Cat and A Crow Chick
33. What It Means to “Connect”
34. We’ll Surely Have a Rematch

An intense volume along with the action taking place on the court. Karasuno team plays a practice match against a top-notch rival school team. An entire volume takes up the playing of this game. It can be a lively Haikyuu!! manga volume that show you more about the game plays and positions.

The Karasuno gets a chance to play a few games against rival Nekoma. The games are practice but underscore various ambitions that team must fix in order to become far better. Especially, that the Nekoma don’t have a star players yet play consistently and well, and can analyze their enemies better. What starts as a winning game for the Karasuno soon turns against them as the Nekoma find out Kageyama’s accurate setting and Hinata’s tempo. It is a excellent reminder that a solid team can still beat Karasuno’s prodigies. Overall, a great volume that shows off the strength the team and also its weaknesses.

Haikyuu!! Volume 5 Review

Haikyuu!! Volume 5 Review
Haikyuu!! Volume 5
$7. 40

Right after Karasuno loses all of their practice matches against Nekoma, the cracks in Karasuno’s teamwork become more apparent then ever! With Inter-High qualifiers emerging over them, the weird combi Hinata-Kageyama together with the rest of the team will need to work hard so as to stand a chance. But with two of the top four schools in their qualifier block, Karasuno’s opportunities look slim. How will they defeat this challenge when just considering their second opponent, Date Tech High, made Azumane Asahi, the Karasuno’s ace tremble in fear?

The volume 5 includes:

35. Formidable Opponents
36. Ready to Fly
37. Into the Fray
38. Warmup
39. Revival
40. The Victors and the Defeated
41. Full Throttle into the Second Round
42. The Iron Wall
43. Removal of the “Oddball Quick Strike” Ban
44. The Strongest Decoy

Overall, this volume provides more intense stage, and some actual heartfelt moments. Similar to the last volume, this one eventually left me wanting for more!

Haikyuu!! Volume 6 Review

Haikyuu!! Volume 6 Review
Haikyuu!! Volume 6

After having defeat the Date Tech High’s Iron Wall, it is ultimately time for Karasuno to have their rematch with Aoba Jousai! Kageyama and Karasuno claimed glory in the practice game, but how will they fare in an actual game? An intense match taking place between both team’s setter, Oikawa and Kageyama.

The volume 6 includes:

45. “Light” and What It Hides
46. “Ace”
47. Aces and Heroes
48. The Conductor
49. VS The “Grand King”, Take 2
50. The Setter Showdown
51. The Real Strength of Those Called “Champions”
52. What Makes An Ace
53. Oikawa Tooru is Not A Genius
Bonus: Haikyū!! Extra Chapter

This Haikyuu!! manga is very recommended for everyone who love sport genre, especially if you are into volleyball. And also, this manga filled with comedy and drama that can make you laugh and cry.

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