Fairy Tail Cosplay – Tutorial, Tips, Help and Ideas!!

Fairy Tail Cosplay – Are you a mage, someone who can use magic and live in the world where magic is still exist and become the daily routine? Then maybe you’re interested to join the strong and popular guild called Fairy Tail. In here, you can meet with interesting members of guild with the strongest old man as its guild master. And then, take some quests and then the adventure begins!

If you are a fan of this how, you must be wanting to bring the characters into the world where you exist right now. Sound silly but actually, you really can do it. There is one way to make your wish come true, through the cosplay. Not only you can bring the characters alive, but you can also be one of them. Yes, you can choose which character you want to be.

This Fairy Tail cosplay tutorial will include:

  • Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Tutorial
  • Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay Tutorial
  • Gray Fullbuster Cosplay Tutorial
  • Erza Scarlett Cosplay Tutorial
  • Wendy Marvell Cosplay Tutorial

Basically, the anime Fairy Tail has 4 main characters, and maybe you want to choose one of them. But please to consider your gender, too. Anyway, you can also find our recommendation about the best Fairy Tail merchandise that you pick fram Amazon. So, are you ready to make your own cosplay? For starter, let’s begin with our main protagonist…

Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Tutorial

Natsu Dregneel Cosplay TutorialNatsu Dragneel is the main male character of the series and one of the Fairy Tail guild members. He’s usually partied with his fellow Fairy Tail members including Happy, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, and Erza Scarlet. He’s typically recognized by the public as a powerful mage called “The Salamander.” However, this title has began to fade as the series progresses.

Natu’s most well known features are his spiky rosy-colored hair and his signature scaly white scarf which was given to him by Igneel. And, don’t forget to adding a scar on the right side with your make-up if you really want to cosplay him.

Natsu’s main outfit consists of a sleeveless, gold trimmed, black waistcoat, often left open and untucked, exposing his bare chest, a gold trimmed, black cloth around his waist that reaches his knees, held by a leather brown belt with an oval-shaped silver buckle, white knee-length trousers with black ribbon ties, a thick black wristband on his left wrist, black open-toed sandals and the scale-patterned scarf.

Natsu Dragneel Cosplay CostumeNatsu Dregneel Cosplay Costume
Natsu Dregneel Cosplay WigNatsu Dregneel Cosplay Wig
Natsu Dragneel Cosplay ScarfNatsu Dragneel Cosplay Scarf
Natsu Dragneel Cosplay ShoesNatsu Dragneel Cosplay Shoes

Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay Tutorial

Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay TutorialLucy Heartfilia is a mage and the main female protagonist of the show, joining at the beginning of the main story line. Lucy’s member stamp is located on the back of her right hand. Lucy takes exceptional pride in her physical appearance and is really self-assured in her sex appeal, regularly exuding a lot of vanity. Despite this superficial trait, she’s a smart, kind, and really caring person.

Lucy can be passionate for literature and is in the way of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail even though she doesn’t like telling anyone about it. Besides her interest in writing and reading prose, she also loves shopping, cooking, and assertive men. She’s a member of the Heartfilia family, once one of the richest and most important conglomerate families in the country of Fiore. However, because of her estranged relationship with her father and the death of her mother, she left home to follow her own path.

Lucy has brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair that is usually tied by ribbons in a variety of colors in a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loose. Lucy does not consistently wear the same outfit. However, she always has a belt that, along with keeping her skirt up, holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a heart-shaped end. She often wears black, leather high heeled boots.

Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay CostumeLucy Heartfilia Cosplay Costume
Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay WigLucy Heartfilia Cosplay Wig
Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay BootsLucy Heartfilia Cosplay Boots
Lucy Heartfilia Key Holder Bag Pocket

Gray Fullbuster Cosplay Tutorial

Gray Fullbuster Cosplay TutorialGray Fullbuster is one of the Fairy Tail guild members. He’s currently 18-year-old ice mage, studying ice alchemy, the art of molding ice. Because of his training history, he’s preferred in little clothing and often forgets to wear clothes or rapidly takes it off, thus often being accused of being an exhibitionist. He and Natsu have a friendly rivalry, and are often seen fighting each other. Lucy considers the nature of his magic is the reason that he and Natsu consistently bicker.

Gray’s most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. Unlike almost all other characters, Gray does not consistently wear the same type of clothes, though he is often shown wearing some kind of white coat.

Gray Fullbuster Cosplay WigGray Fullbuster Cosplay Wig
Gray Fullbuster Cosplay CostumeGray Fullbuster Cosplay Costume
Gray Fullbuster Cosplay CostumeGray Fullbuster Cosplay Costume
Gray Fullbuster Cosplay BraceletGray Fullbuster Cosplay Bracelet

Erza Scarlet Cosplay Tutorial

Erza Scarlet Cosplay TutorialErza Scarlet is a S-class mage from Fairy Tail guild, and the strongest still active female. Erza can be really strict person, often criticizing the bad habit and behaviors of the other guild members, which causes most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke her wrath. She’s also really impatient, disliking people who tend not to answer her questions quickly enough. This, put together with her own heartbreaking childhood, cause many of her guild-mates avoiding her due to her social clumsiness. However, she has an awesome sense of justice and pride in being a member of Fairy Tail.

Erza is a young woman with long, scarlet hair and brown eyes. Her most common attire consists of a custom-made armor by Heart Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond shaped silver earrings.

Erza Scarlet Cosplay CostumeErza Scarlet Cosplay Costume
Erza Scarlet Cosplay WigErza Scarlet Cosplay Wig
Erza Scarlet Bandage Cosplay CostumeErza Scarlet Bandage Cosplay Costume
Erza Scarlet Cosplay SwordErza Scarlet Cosplay Sword

Wendy Marvell Cosplay Tutorial

Wendy Marvell Cosplay TutorialWendy is the Dragon slayer of the Sky, so that she has the identical power as Natsu Dragneel, but with the ability to manipulate air. Wendy can eat air, but can not heal as well in polluted areas. Her magic lets her to heal people from the most severe of wounds, even those caused by a dragon, letting her to use even a kiss to heal other people and can even fight other magic. However, there looks like it’s a limit to how much she can use it.

Wendy Marvell Cosplay CostumeWendy Marvell Cosplay Costume
Wendy Marvell Cosplay WigWendy Marvell Cosplay Wig

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