Bleach Cosplay Tutorial, Tips and Guide

Everything seems normal, until finally the hollow attack the human world. Kurosaki Ichigo, a high school student who can see ghosts is trying to save his family by borrowing female shinigami’s power, Kuchiki Rukia, and become a substitute shinigami. But he is never accepted in Soul Society, a place where Shinigami lived in.

Basically, each shinigami carries sword called zanpaktou which can turn into different form when the owner releasing bankai. For those who want try to cosplay as characters from Bleach anime or manga, you will need several items and stuffs. But they usually wearing the same black costume or uniform.

But in addition to that, there are 3 other main character that you can consider to make it. The archer quincy Ishida Uryuu, the healer Inoue Orihime, and the berserker Sado Yasutora. Those 3 characters has unique style that you can use in the next cosplay event. The main character Kurosaki Ichigo also wearing different costume when he was on bankai mode.

Bleach Cosplay Tutorial

See… there are a lot of things you should take note. So, are you ready to make bleach cosplay? and here are the stuffs that you need to get!

Kurosaki Ichigo Cosplay Tutorial

Kurosaki Ichigo is the main male character on the series. He is a substitute shinigami and deemed to be the strongest character on Bleach. Typically, Ichigo seems like a standard teenage boy, the only one exception to that is his spiky orange hair. he’s a fairly tall, and lean-built young boy with peach skin and brown eyes.

Since transforming into a Shinigami, he has turn out to be noticeably more muscular and wearing the standard shinigami attire. But his clothes later transform into tighter when he’s on bankai mode and wearing a mask in vizard mode.

Here are the stuffs and outfit we recommend!

Ichigo Kurosaki CostumeIchigo Kurosaki Costume Black Attire

Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai CostumeIchigo Kurosaki Bankai Costume

Ichigo Kurosaki New Bankai CostumeIchigo Kurosaki New Bankai Costume

Ichigo Kurosaki Wig

Kurosaki Ichigo Vizard MaskIchigo Kurosaki Vizard Mask
Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow Mask
Ichigo Kurosaki Sword: Tensa ZangetsuIchigo Kurosaki Sword: Tensa Zangetsu
Ichigo Kurosaki Sword: Zangetsu ShikaiIchigo Kurosaki Sword: Zangetsu Shikai

Kuchiki Rukia Cosplay Tutorial

Kuchiki Rukia is a Shinigami who is assigned hollow extermination duties in Karakura Town. Rukia was the first female main character of the series, and continues as one of the protagonists despite not appearing as much as she used to. Although her physical appearance is that of a teenage girl, frankly she’s ten times older than Ichigo.

Kuchiki Rukia is always seen wearing her standard Shinigami black attire. In the beginning of the series, she wears Kamakura school uniform and sometimes more casual style outside the school. Do you have a plan to cosplay as Kuchiki Rukia? Here are the stuffs for you!

Kuchiki Rukia CostumeKuchiki Rukia Costume
Kuchiki Rukia WigKuchiki Rukia Wig
Kuchiki Rukia SwordKuchiki Rukia Sword

Inoue Orihime Cosplay Tutorial

Inoue Orihime is one of the main characters in the series. She has long orange-brown hair which she wears with the bangs behind her ears and hairpins. Inoue is mostly seen wearing her school uniform, and once she was abducted by Aizen, she is wearing white clothes that usually worn by Arrancar.

As a healer, you can choose which version you want to make, whether the school uniform one, or in Arrancar uniform. You can grab these stuffs!

Kamakura Uniform Winter
Kamakura Uniform Winter
Kamakura Uniform Autumn
Kamakura Uniform Autumn
Orihime Inoue Arrancar CostumeOrihime Inoue Arrancar Costume
Inoue Orihime WigInoue Orihime Wig

Ishida Uryuu Cosplay Tutorial

Ishida Uryuu is a quincy, a descendant of a line of near-extinct, priest-like, hollow-hunting archers, who were historical enemies of the Shinigami. He holds a deep grudge against all Shinigami, including Ichigo, and is the first human-form antagonist in the series.

He has long black hair and wearing a glasses. Like Inoue Orihime, in school he wears the respective school uniform along with a tie. But in quincy mode, he’s wearing the official uniform that looks like a priest.

To become a Ishida Uryuu, we recommend you to take the quincy uniform since it will look better than the school uniform one. But the decision is in your hands.

Ishida Uryuu School UniformIshida Uryuu School Uniform
Ishida Uryuu Quincy Uniform
Ishida Uryuu Quincy Costume
Ishida Uryuu Wig
Ishida Uryuu Wig
Ishida Uryuu Quincy Bow
Ishida Uryuu Quincy Bow

Shihouin Yoruichi Cosplay Tutorial

Shihouin Yoruichi is a dark-skinned and ttractive woman who can transform into a black cat. She’s very smart, intelligent and humorous, and is totally knowledgeable of Soul Society and its workings, since she was the former leader of the special forces in Gotei-13. Even though of noble birth, she behaves differently from other nobles.

Her normal attire includes a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt, a large beige sash around her waist, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown shoes.

You don’t need to become a black cat to cosplay as Yoruichi, instead you can cosplay her when she is in human form. So, do you want to be a sexy Bleach’s cat woman? Here what you need…

Yoruichi Shihouin CostumeYoruichi Shihouin Costume
yoruichi shihouin wigYoruichi Shihouin Wig

Ulquiorra Cosplay Tutorial

One of the strongest espada, the 4th arrancar who works for Aizen. Ulquiorra has cold personality and never hesitate to kill other. He is very serious person and will prioritizing his mission than anything. He wears typical Arrancar clothes: a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama. However, his jacket has longer coattails than others, and the collar is higher.

To cosplay as Ulquiorra, you can take everything just like we’ve referred above, and also you can put a pair of black wings on your back if you want to. Here what you need to become an Arrancar!!

ulquiorra costumeUlquiorra Costume
ulquiorra shoesUlquiorra Shoes
ulquiorra maskUlquiorra Mask
ulquiorra wigUlquiorra Wig
ulquiorra sword replicaUlquiorra Sword Replica

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