The Best Noragami Merchandise and Accessories on Amazon

What can you expect from a shrineless stray god? Not wealth, not blessing, or even luck. But he could definitely help you out doing hard task for only 5 yen! It’s cheaper and more valuable than anything. So, start from today whenever you have a trouble involving your socialization matter (bullying), home chores, or even get rid of bad spirit, you can call a number of Yato-gami, and he will definitely help you out no matter what!

Yato -who becomes the most popular character from Noragami characters list– comes from a manga called Noragami. This manga is written and illustrated by Adachitoka and has gained so much popularity. Around 2014, the manga was adapted into Noragami anime series and also gained popularity, especially for its second season with subtitled “Aragoto” in 2015. Noragami was the 14th top selling manga series in Japan during the first half of 2014.

Noragami Merchandise

For fans, reading Noragami manga and buying its blu-ray are not enough. Maybe you need some kind of different items such as accessories and merchandise. We knew what you needs, so we have been searching the best Noragami merchandise and accessories on amazon! Mainly, we chose the most favorable product for you.

Noragami Poster

Noragami Poster

Make your room more unique by hanging this noragami poster on your wall. The poster featuring Yato-gami in his god calamity mode or rage mode. This is actually his real past before he met with Yukine and Hiyori.

In this mode, or in his past, Yato is accompanied by Shinki named Nora. His personality mostly is influenced by his Shinki back then. As we knew that through the series, Nora is depicted as antagonist who has a lot of masters. She also has abilities to manipulate others.

Despite the current Yato is more kindly and funny, many fans prefer to see his old personality when he was still hold cold expression and never hesitated to kill others. That’s why, this poster is available for you!

Noragami Bag


Sold by Siawasey, the backpack logo can absorb the sunlight and the color will change in the dark. The material is made of super high quality canvas and PU leather with size approximately:

L: 29 cm
H: 44 cm
W: 14 cm

The backpack itself is very sturdy, despite it is used by high school student who carry a lot of textbooks. The 16″ laptop (max) will also fit into this bag.

The logo called Noragami Aragoto will make you depicted as Noragami fans. So, what are you waiting for? This bag will be a great item for any Noragami fans! This backpack will also be a perfect gift for someone who love Noragami!

Noragami Eye Mask

Noragami Eye Mask

Sold by Cosani, this Yato eye mask has good texture, soft and crease resistant that is made of polyester. This could be a great Noragami merchandise and will be a perfect gift for anybody since it fits for any adults and children.

Sleeping is the crucial activity at night which make you more focus in the next day. Lack of sleep has been associated with certain illness and will wreck up your day and work. That’s why you need to wear this eye mask with cool design (Yato’s eyes) to make you have more quality of sleep. You can sleep just like a baby again despite you’re sleeping in the bright place like in your office.

Lightweight and Comfortable construction contours to your face without adding pressure, helping you to sleep easily. Both for sleeping and Noragami cosplay. Condition: Brand new

Noragami iPhone Case

Noragami iPhone Case

It’s time to make your smartphone more fashionable by using this Noragami iPhone case! The case is made of high quality TPU material and cool Yato design that make your phone have a new look. This iPhone case will also protect your phone from damaging such as scratches, soils, spills, and dust. Precise cut and design, easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all Iphone 5/5S features. But please note that this iPhone case is compatible with 5/5S.

The iPhone case is featuring Yato, a stray god from Noragami. It’s different with the poster above that showing his past, in this iPhone case Yato shows in his current appearance by wearing his sportswear.

Yes, once again… this iPhone case will be a great Noragami merchandise for both anime and manga lovers, especially if you love Noragami as your favorite series!

Noragami Pillow Case

Noragami Pillow Case

It’s different with “vulgar” dakimakura, this Noragami pillow case featuring Yato in his chibi mode. The color same as in the picture with 35*55 cm in size. This Noragami pillow case is made of 2WT and PP cotton core.

Basically, this pillow case is perfect for your sofa’s pillow which will make it looks different and unique. Especially if you have friends who love Noragami, they will envy you! Not only you, but your friends (who love Noragami) will love this pillow case.

Moreover, this pillow case is very soft and comfortable. You can also use this pillow case for gift and birthday presents!

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