The Best Attack on Titan Merchandise and Accessories on Amazon

Most people fall into despair after gigantic Colossal Titan breached the wall Maria which make hundreds of Titans freely enter the city and devouring human around the corner. But our main protagonist: Eren, Mikasa, and Armin decided to join the military to take revenge those brainless Titans that only know how to enjoy eating people.

When it comes to Titan, maybe you already know the title of the series. Yes, the popular manga series written by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan, which has also been adapted into an anime TV series in 2013. The anime was produced by Wit Studio and directed by Tetsurou Araki. Do you want to know more about the anime series? You can read our Attack on Titan review on different page.

Attack on Titan Merchandise

This time, Anime Bibly team has been searching several recommended Attack on Titan merchandise on Amazon that already had good review. We chose the best of the best products there to help you save time considering there are a lot of Attack on Titan accessories there. As fans, may this products are a must-have for you to depict you as Attack on Titan fans.

Attack on Titan Short Sleeve Hoodie


Sold by HiRudolph, the short sleeve hoodie featuring Survey Corps logo on the back. It is 100% brand new and made of cotton material. You can choose various size including M, L, XL, and XXL.

This is a great jacket you have to wear as Attack on Titan fans! The material feels soft and light, thus perfect for cool weather. You also will find the writing “Wing of Freedom” above that has been used as Survey Corps motto. This writing will give another unique style to the jacket.

You can also ask the seller about your size. Basically, an Asian guy has different standard size with most American. For example, if an Asian will wear M size for medium body type, maybe an American needs L instead. Just ask the seller first before you purchase it.

Attack on Titan Backpack


Sold by ONE WORLD SALE, this backpack is made of high quality canvas fabric material. It’s a zipper bag with 27*14*14 cm in size.

Honestly, even the seller wrote it with “Large Capacity”, most buyers do not agree with it. Medium capacity may be more suitable to describe this “Freedom” backpack.

But the price is very nice, plus it’s very sturdy! You can use it for carrying you 15 inch macbook or use at school. We sure that you will get some compliment from you fellow anime lovers or otakus. But it will also look great for people who don’t know about anime or Attack on Titan. Especially when they look at Kanji writing above, they will feel you’re like a samurai or ninja at first glance. So Japanese!

Attack on Titan Shoes


Sold by Telacos, this shoes is different to the one Attack on Titan cosplay shoes there that specifically made for cosplay. This shoes is a sneaker and can be worn in daily use. It’s made of high quality canvas and rubber featuring Survey Corps’ “Wing of Freedom” logo. There 2 styles available for you, the thick and the ordinary one.

The best part is, the logo can be glowing with the vibrant color. So, it’s not only for your daily use, but also you can make it as a gift for any Attack on Titan lovers. Most of the buyers use the shoes as a gift on Christmas and it managed to make them very thrilled and happy. Now it’s your turn. If you have someone who really love this series, you can choose this shoes as your gift!

Attack on Titan Jacket Hoodie


Sold by Angelaicos, this jacket is featuring Survey Corps (Scouting Legion) logo and made for Asian size, which means it’s smaller than US size. Not only on picture, the jacket logo is really glowing at night.

This jacket will perfect for Spring season weather because it’s so soft and warm. You can find some Survey Corps logo including on back, chest and bicept. The sweater itself is made of great material, but not top notch nor cheap, just standard material.

This jacket will also be a great gift for any Attack on Titan fans. Make them thrilled and astonished by your gift this time. Or you can also show off to your fellow anime fans or otakus with this awesome jacket. Make them envy and startled!!

Attack on Titan Slouchy Beanie


It still gets cold outside? So, why don’t you wear a slouchy beanie? But wait, if you feel bored by standard one, maybe this Scout Legion beanie will help you to make you look “Freedom”. Just keep warm with this stylish green slouchy beanie!

If you are someone who love Attack on Titan so much, then this product will be a wonderful hat for you!

The hat feels good and is very soft when wearing. This hat may be fit on Spring weather, but not for cooler Fall season.

But overall, this hat is very comfortable and is made of good material.

Attack on Titan Keychain


Sold by Createreedo, this 5pcs cute figure phone charms are made of non-toxic environmental protection drip zinc alloy material. This product has rust resistance with strong texture. This good cellphone strap includes Mikasa, Eren, Levi, Armin and Colossal Titan.

The keychains are very cute! We highly recommend this for any keychain lovers, especially for Attack on Titan fans. The keychain includes 5 characters just like on picture and comes with great quality.

Not only phone, you can also hang them on any other items such as backpack or keyring. Just hang them on it, and you will see a different impression it.

Attack on Titan T-Shirt


Sold by Ripple Junction, this T-shirt is featuring Attack on Titan characters on SD spin-off series including Armin, Mikasa, Eren, Levi and Colossal Titan on their chibi mode. The T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and machine washable.

This T-shirt will be amazing item for any Attack on Titan fans. It’s really comfortable and totally worth for the purchase. It is also well made and the design is well crafted.

We recommend this shirt for you because how perfect it is. Great design, awesome detail, and also your kid may be love it because it’s featuring cute chibi character of anime.

Attack on Titan Poster


It’s time to make your room more unique by hanging this cool poster which is featuring the three main characters on the series, Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

But it’s slight different showed on the picture, the poster is a lot more vibrant in real life, and the fabric is slightly low quality, but honestly it’s a scroll!!

But as you can see that this poster comes with a great price and beautiful color and huge size. There are two hooks that are attached to it so you just have to find a place where to put it.

The image itself is high quality. Most of buyers receive this product earlier than they are expected.

Attack on Titan Book Series


For someone who has never read the manga, the contents inside them are pretty much exactly the same as it is in the anime series. The sole main difference is the order that some sequences take place in. So if you start being concerned that several parts may be left out, they are not! You will just discover them ultimately.

Hajime Isayama has a really unique style that’s not like regular manga, so it does require take some getting used to it. But it still perfectly written and great to enjoy whenever you want to see Attack on Titan, but you don’t have plenty of time to watch it through your blu-ray player.

If you like the series, this can be a wonderful addition to your collection. The larger size compliments the story and plot and makes all titans come to feel even more threatening.

Attack on Titan Wallet


Sold by Godland, this Attack on Titan wallet will keep your money safe! Protected by Scouting Legion, this wallet is made of leather material.

This wallet allowed you to show off your interest in Attack on Titan series without being excessive. It’s real to the picture, rick black color, readable symbol, and stitching is sturdy. There is also a lot of space for cards and IDs.

According to several buyers, it is wonderful quality. Not only is it top quality material, you will also find enough pockets and compartments for almost everything you normally carries.

Cards fit really tight but this should stretch with use. The leather is very soft and feels excellent, the overall construction is very good.

Attack on Titan Colossal Titan Mask


It’s creepy but cool! Good for halloween or cosplay event! This brand new Attack on Titan mask is made of silicone material with size and weight is 30*20*1,5 cm and 144 gram respectively.

Many people got compliment by wearing this mask, especially in cosplay event. Colossal Titan is one of the crucial characters on the series, which make the story goes on by breaching the walls. Which means that this character is very popular among Attack on Titan fans.

So, you have to choose the right stuffs in order to cosplay as Colossal Titan since everyone who are into this series really know him. My recommendation is this mask. Yes, you can find a lot of mask in Amazon but this is apparently the most recommended and the best Colossal Titan mask in there.

Attack on Titan Levi Plush


Levi is apparently become the most favorite characters on the series. You can see the most popular Attack on Titan characters on our different page. If you love him as well, the this plush will suit your taste.

The product in itself is brand new, well-crafted and is very much quite solid. This product will not only fit for adult, but for your children as well. We already knew that almost all children love plush doll. So, this hero from Attack on Titan series would be a great for your gift.

This Levi plush will also make your day as perfect as possible, especially if you love him as your favorite character. You can hug him as you want and display him in your room. It will depict you as Attack on Titan fans without excessively over proud, but still give you the most basic component: you own the most favorite character on the series on you room!

Attack on Titan Wrist Watch


Sold by Xingyunshi, this wrist watch is inspired from the popular hero group on Attack on Titan series, Scouting Legion. This is using blue LED digital touch screen wrist watch that’s extremely popular all around the world. It’s really captivating for its modern design. It would suit all of your dressing style beautifully. Smoothly touch the touchscreen to display the time on need.

How to use:

Step one: tap the face of the watch firmly 17 times and then hold with your finger until the white “hour” light starts blinking quite rapidly – this can take a few tries if your watch takes a harder tap to normally light up — but it will happen!
Step two: tap the screen until the watch is at the correct hour and then hold down the watch face until the latest minute starts blinking rapidly.
Step three: You’re going to, again, tap the watch face until you get to the correct minute. After a few seconds the watch will go dark and when you tap it, voila — the correct time!

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