Attack on Titan Cosplay Tutorial, Tips and Stuffs

Once the Colossal Titan break the wall that lets other Titans freely enter the city and devouring human around the corner, you must prepare to fight! Especially if you belong to Survey Corps affiliation. Wear your uniform, equip yourself with 3D maneuver gear, fly and slay those creatures who are trying to annihilate your human race! But if you have no idea what should you do right now, then you have to open your device and read this Attack on Titan cosplay tutorial!

Attack on Titan Cosplay Tutorial

Honestly, we are willing to help you to find which costume and items based on Attack on Titan anime and manga you should choose to make your appearance as better and perfect as possible. We will take the products from Amazon so you can take those items easily. And also, this Attack on Titan cosplay tutorial will only focus on the 10 most popular Attack on Titan characters on internet.

But basically, they are wearing same uniform based on their affiliation. For example, Eren, Armin, and Levi has the same uniform from Survey Corps. While Annie Leonhart is wearing Military Police Brigade uniform. Maybe, the only thing that distinguishes them is their hairstyle and accessories, like the red scarf worn by Mikasa Ackerman.

So, are you ready to make an Attack on Titan cosplay? Just grab these item and slay out the Titans!!

Survey Corps Cosplay Costume

The Survey Corps, or Chousa Heidan in Japan, consist of expeditionary soldiers that embark outside the Walls. Their mission is to find out more about the origins and source of the Titans, their motives and weaknesses, and methods to defeat and kill them in the long run. They are an important component in the campaign to recapture Wall Maria. For that reason, the division is suffering from a much larger casualty rate than the Garrison Regiment or Military Police Brigade.

The most notable members of Survey Corps including Levi, Hange Zoe, Erwin Smith, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. You can see how they’re wearing costume. The items include jacket, brown miniskirt, white pants, cloak, boots, and 3D Maneuver Gear. And here are the basic items you should get!

Survey Corps CostumeSurvey Corps Jacket
Survey Corps SkirtSurvey Corps Skirt
Attack on Titan BoostSurvey Corps Boots
Survey Corps CloakSurvey Corps Cloak
Attack on Titan BeltAttack on Titan Belt
Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear3D Maneuver Gear

Military Police Brigade and 104th Training Corps Costume

The Military Police Brigade, or Kenpeidan in Japanese, consist of soldiers assigned to watch over the Training corps, monitor the Garrison Regiment, control the fire departments, and detain and arrest political criminals and offenders. The top ten of each training class meet the criteria to become listed on, although some skilled members can transfer from the Garrison. as their ojbs mostly involve administration and behind the scenes work, they don’t experience front-line battle with Titans and often live in the most safety area within the wall.

While 104th Training Corps is the only graduating class presented in the series and the Southern division consists of almost all of the key characters.

Just like what we said above, basically they wearing the same cloth except one or two items that distinguishes them. And for Military Police Brigade and 104th Training Corps, you can wear the same skirts, boots, belt, and 3D maneuver gear as Survey Corps. But you have to wear different jacket and cloak. Here what you need:

Military Police Brigade JacketMilitary Police Brigade Jacket
Military Police Brigade CloakMilitary Police Brigade Cloak
104th Training Corps Jacket

Characters Wig and Accessories

As we said above again, the only thing that distinguishes between one character to another is their hairstyle, gender, and accessories they are wearing. Before you deciding which costume you want to get, you have to research the character affiliation first. For example, if you decided to cosplay Annie Leonhart, then you have to wear Military Police Brigade, or Levi as Survey Corps, or Eren and Mikasa as 104th Training Corps or Survey Corps.

This step is the selection of which character you want to play!

Levi WigLevi Wig
Levi ScarfLevi Scarf
Mikasa Ackerman WigMikasa Ackerman Wig
Mikasa Ackerman ScarfMikasa Ackerman Scarf
Eren Yeager WigEren Yeager Wig
Annie Leonhart WigAnnie Leonhart Wig
Armin Arlert WigArmin Arlert Wig
Sasha Blouse WigSasha Blouse Wig
Jean Kirstein WigJean Kirstein Wig
$40.00 -$84.00
Hange Zoe WigHange Zoe Wig + Glasses

These are the list item should you get if you want to cosplay as one of Attack on Titan characters. We’re sorry if you can’t find your favorite character on this list because we only focus on the 10 most popular Attack on Titan character on internet that we have published on our different page.

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