The Best Assassination Classroom Merchandise and Accessories Picked from Amazon

How if your teacher is an octopus-liked alien who try to destroy this world? Well, it’s gonna interesting! For anyone who really love this series, we sure that you will try to find its manga, game, or even Assassination Classroom merchandise for yourself or for gifts. However, selecting the best merchandise itself is not as easy as we think, especially online! There are a lot of bad items that pretend to be good!

If you don’t familiar with the series yet, you can read Assassination Classroom review on our different page! We also have written the Assassination Classroom cosplay guide for you!

Anyway, this Assassination Classroom merchandise will include:

  • Koro-sensei plush
  • Koro-sensei T-Shirt
  • Koro-sensei Jacket
  • Koro-sensei Dumpling Plush Toy
  • Koro-sensei Headwear
  • Nagisa Shiota Plush
  • Koro-sensei Bag
  • Karma Akabane Poster
  • Assassination Classroom Wallet

So, through this article we will show you which Assassination Classroom accessories that can you picked from Amazon safely! Since we always choosing the merchandise that have good review, so we’re sure that it will be safe if you choose these items! Just select the cutest or the coolest one, okay!

Koro-sensei Plush

Sold by ED. Price: $18.32. You can get Koro-sensei plush through this link.

Who doesn’t like this mascot? No one hate Koro-sensei since he’s very funny and looks more cuter in its plush version. He’s so adorable that become a must-have for any Assassination Classroom fans! Or you can use it as gift for someone special who love this series.

This Koro-sensei plush is really fuller and soft to the touch. So what are you waiting for? Just grab this plush and hug him whenever you want!

Koro-sensei T-Shirt

Sold by Genki Anime. Price: $10.99 – $20.95. You can get Koro-sensei T-Shirt through this link.

Another stuff for any Koro-sensei fans! This T-Shirt features Koro-sensei logo (head and tentacles) along with familiar characters: S.A.A U.S.O. The T-Shirt was made of 100% cotton and machine washable.

Koro-sensei T-Shirt has great quality, despite you have washed it several times, it won’t loose the black color. The characters itself stands for “Special Arms Against Unidentify Slimy Octopus” and it’s gonna be a cool design for any Assassination Classroom fans.

So, because it has great and cool design, and also gained a lot of good review, we recommend this T-shirt for you! No! It’s a must have for any Assassination Classroom merchandise hunters!

Koro-sensei Jacket

Sold by DAZCOS. Price: $8.69 – $39.99. You can get Koro-sensei jacket through this link.

This Koro-sensei jacket for you who love cosplaying. You can also wear for daily use since it looks stylish. However, Tips:The hoodie doesn’t include tie, if you need the tie, you can separate orders.

This jacket has the pattern just like Koro-sensei, so people who love the series or know about it will remind it to the show that they love. The quality of fabric itself is really great!

So, we also recommend this Koro-sensei jacket for you! Make sure you grab this jacket if you are a cosplayer who love Assassination Classroom series!

Koro-sensei Dumpling Plush Toy

Sold by Gardening Spring-Plush Toy. Price: $15.50. You can get this Koro-sensei dumpling plush toy through this link.

Still with Koro-sensei plush, however, this is a dumpling version. With pink color, make him looks more cute than standard plushie. The product was made of high quality spandex fabric and foam particles filler.

You can choose another colors according to his expressions. As we know that sometimes Koro-sensei will change his color in certain reasons!

Koro-sensei Headwear

Sold by Great Eastern Entertainment. Price: $18.79. You can get this Koro-sensei headwear through this link.

Still with Koro-sensei… this headwear features Koro-sensei logo and the character of “Special Arms Against Unidentify Slimy Octopus”. This headwear is fully licensed product and it was made of high quality material.

This headwear is really warm and comfortable. What more, you will like a student of 3-E class who will save the world from octopus-like alien.

If you are a parent, this gonna be a great gifts for you children. The buyers have tried it to give it to their children, and they really like it!

Nagisa Shiota Plush

Sold by GE Animation. Price: $17.27. You can get this Nagisa Shiota plush through this link.

Another main characters in the series. At first, you will think that Nagisa is a girl, however, he is a guy! Despite that, he also gains so much popularity because he has good trait and characteristic.

For Nagisa fans, I think this cute plush will work for you! This plush is officially licensed by Great Eastern with size approximately 4″L x 3″W x 8.5″H.

I think this product has no problem at all since all the buyers really love it! So, this is another most recommended Assasination Classroom merchandise for any fans out there!

Koro-sensei Bag

Sold by Createreedo. Price: $26.99. You can get this Koro-sensei bag through this link.

Back to Koro-sensei… This bag is made of Nylon and PVC waterproof coating. The size is 16.95″(H)*11.82″(L)*5.32″(W). The structure itself is multi-layer, it has 2 sides pockets for cups, umbrella, one front zipper bag for wallet, one front cover bag for ipad, one big main bag for clothes, books, laptop, and other stuffs that fit inside it.

Since the fabric is so great, we also recommend this bag for you! it’s so sturdy and very cool! You will surprise that this bag has good quality, just like the other buyers.

This is also a perfect gift. So, if you already know your children’s favorite anime and looking for a gift, then this bag would be a great for him/her.

Karma Akabane Poster

Sold by liwei. Price: $14.23. You can get this Karma Akabane poster through this link.

One other main character from the series, Karma Akabane. He’s a violent guy but very smart. However, this guy also gained a lot of popularity from the series fans because he has his own charismatic. So if you are a fan of him, maybe you will need this poster to be hung in your room.

This is a fabric printing without reflection and easy to clean. The size it self is 17.7 X 26.5 Inches.

This poster is really high quality, so I really recommend it to any Assassination Classroom fans! With this poster, your room will become more unique.

Assassination Classroom Wallet

Sold by Dream Online. Price: $16.99. You can buy this Assassination Classroom wallet through this link.

If you like Assassination Classroom so much, then you have own this one! This product is made of crossgrain leather material, with mutiple slot structure, accommodate 8 bank cards, 3 big Interlayers for bills, Mobile phone, the passbook, etc.

This wallet is really well made and beautiful. The material is nice and comes with a lot of rooms. So, this is really recommended product for you who love the series and always carrying so much items around.

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