Sword Art Online SAO Lisbeth Figure

Sega Sword Art Online HG High Grade 6" Lisbeth Action Figure

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Sega Sword Art Online HG High Grade 6″ Lisbeth Action Figure

sword art online sao lisbeth figureLisbeth is one of the gamer who trapped in Sword Art Online game. Even so, she decides to stay away from front line war and helps other adventurers as a blacksmith. She sells great quality of sword including Lambent Light, a rapier used by Asuna, and Dark Repulser, a one-handed long sword used by Kirito as his dual blade skills. Even her route only on 1 episode, many SAO fans love her. So, we decide to provide you with this Lisbeth figure.


This Lisbeth figure from Sword Art Online (SAO) is an officially licensed product by Sega. She is cute and collectible. She is still new and sealed inside retail packaging but limited availability. She is has approximately 2″L x 2″W x 6″H in size.