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SAO Sword Art Online Anime Kirigaya Kazuto Kirito Cosplay Shoes Black Boots Custom Made

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SAO Kirito Shoes BootsSold by Telacos, this SAO Kirito boots is made of good quality pleather material. It also could be custom made boots, so if you ahve request about the Kirito shoes, like color or style, you can also contact the seller. You have to also tell the seller about your genre, shoe size, foot length, foot around, calf circumference and boot height. It’s totally brand new and top quality of shoes.

This could ba an excellent item. As you know that Kirito is also known as black swordsman, so it’s necessary to have a black boots like this. We can often see that Kirito always wearing this boots, so it’s also a vital point for your Kirito cosplay. What are you waiting for? Just get this boots and have a nice cosplay!