Koikuchi Soy Sauce

Teraoka organic brewing Teraoka family of organic soy sauce Koikuchi 300ml

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Teraoka organic brewing Teraoka family of organic soy sauce Koikuchi 300ml 

koikuchi soy sauceKoikuchi Soy Sauce contents 300 ml with 66kcal per 100g. The ingredients are organic soybean, organic wheat and salt.

Over the product introduction Meiji two since then Sogyo than ten years one hundred and twenty years or, to aspire to “the creation of a real food culture”, we are working in the production and sales of attention seasoning with a focus on organic soy sauce. Authentic tradition, the spirit of making things that the axis of the symbiosis with nature has been handed down. Genuine soy sauce, poured generously the skill and passion of tradition, Dekiagaru over time and effort, it is the soy sauce with a particularly mellow and taste. Genuine organic, organic soy sauce marked with organic JAS mark, organic soy sauce processed products, and centered on the organic dressing, we continue to stick to the safe and secure seasoning building. ?Organic JAS certified products? Organic soybean, organic wheat, “raw (-out) and soy sauce” which was a raw material salt is. It has a rich aroma and deep taste, you can use for cooking in general. Nutritional protein 8.3g, fat 0.0g, carbohydrates 8.2g, sodium 5500mg, sodium chloride equivalent 13.9g, moisture 68.6g, you want to display all the description of the ash 14.9g / 100g per item