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Ultimate Otaku Teacher AnimeAlmost every anime fans know about otaku, a geek who really obsessed with computer and dedicated themselves into certain sub-culture in Japan, and the most common one is anime and manga. But, how if an otaku turns out to be a high school teacher? Will it be a trouble? Well, the anime called Ultimate Otaku Teacher will show you this impossible situation.

Basically, this anime reminds me to the one old popular teacher-themed anime Great Teacher Onizuka. The concept looks like same, where the main teacher protagonist who can’t teach any subjects properly but still can solve his student’s problem in life. It’s not because the teacher is stupid or dumb, it’s because he is an otaku. In fact the main character of Ultimate Otaku Teacher is a genius one.

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The most interesting thing in this show is the main character has his own motto called YD syndrome, stands for “Yaritai koto shikai Dekinai” or “I can only do what I want to do” in English. Despite he only wants to do something that he wants to do like updating his anime blog (maybe like me: updating this Anime Bibly site) or watching his favorite anime, reading manga or play game all day long, but he never hesitate to help his students in trouble on unique ways.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Ultimate Otaku Teacher Manga
Cover of volume 1 featuring main characters Jun’ichirō and Suzune Kagami

Ultimate Otaku Teacher, or also known as Denpa Kyoushi (電波教師) is the Japanese shounen and comedy anime TV series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Masato Sato. The series was broadcast on ytv starting from April 4 to September 26, 2015.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Azuma of the same name which was serialized on Weekly Shounen Sunday since November 2, 2011. As March 2017, Shogakukan has published the manga into 25 compiled volumes.

Funimation licensed the series in North America and released the anime on first part of Blu-ray on November 15, 2016. While the latest part was released on February 21, 2017.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher Anime Review

Ultimate Otaku Teacher Blu-ray
Ultimate Otaku Teacher
Season One, Part Two Blu-ray cover
Released on February 21, 2017


The anime centers around Kagami Junichirou, whose sister Suzune is mad at him because of his complete disinterest in the real life. As Junichirou is only keen on nothing but manga, anime, and games, Suzune forces him to go on a job as a substitute physics teacher at the same high school from which he graduated. Junichirou then proves himself a competent and hardworking teacher who comes with unorthodox techniques based on the seemingly useless skills he obtained as an otaku to teach and inspire his students.


This anime is just like an episodic type that basically consisting of helping one student after another. It turns out to be like a kind of naive concept where Kagami encountering a new trouble student, learns what is wrong with them, then proceeds to teach them or help them something so as to resolve their issue. Why I called it naive because people hearts aren’t as simple as like in this anime. The story does not change in any way, and for that reason there truly is not much development for both story and characters.


Anime fans would already know A-1 Pictures. It is one of the biggest and most popular anime studio in Japan. It has produced a lot of great anime for both story and art, the most popular one is maybe Sword Art Online. However, it’s hard to believe that this anime was produced by A-1 Pictures. At the first glance, this anime looks like produced by unpopular and amateur anime studio considering that the series was broadcast in 2015 in Japan. It lacks an original style, and a lot of colors lack any gradients, so everything just feels flat and lifeless.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher Artwork


Normally, the characters development are affected by the story, and vice versa. Just like what I mentioned above that the story didn’t move at all. Just encountering a trouble student, analyzing, and then help him/her. After that, he moves to another trouble students. As a result, it very lacks in character development. The show only focuses on Kagami and his students (additional characters) appear only to make him shine, so the audiences will see how great the main protagonist is.


Sounds may be a good point for this show. The opening and ending themes are nice and quite memorable. I personally love them both, and I have no complaint for the background music.

Overall (55/100)

At the start, the series to be real fun to watch. Kagami’s methods to solve the problems were quite creative, and there was still the possibility of story to develop further. However, I was wrong. I almost dropped this anime but I can’t to that for several reasons, so I forced myself to watch this until the end.

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