Sword Art Online Review (Season 1 & 2)

Sword Art Online ReviewIn the year 2022, ten thousands of people get trapped in a new virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online Where death normally makes you respawn to a safe zone, Sword Art Online was reprogrammed to kill anyone who dies in the virtual world. The only way to exit the game is to beat the final boss and conquer 100 floor. Eager to get away from this virtual reality nightmare, a solo beta player Kirito fights his way through each floor of the game. However, this lone wolf soon recognizes the need for companionship, and the price for his freedom. In the end, SAO Season 1 was loaded full of mythical virtual enjoyment, beautiful animation, wonderful orchestral pieces, and intriguing character development. Even though you never watch SAO Season 2, Sword Art Online Season 1 is crucial see for any Anime lover and deserves a good 9.

Sword Art Online Season 2 brings us back to the MMO virtual reality world. However, different with SAO Season 1, the first half of SAO Season 2 is mainly based on a gunslinger motif called Gun Gale Online.

In a virtual world made up of guns and bullets, Kirito, uses a feminine avatar whilst duel wielding to a violet energy sword and a 5.7mm FN Five Seven handgun. Shortly after his experiences in Alfheim Online, Kirito is asked to aid to find a mysterious player called Death Gun who’s targeting the best players in the game, and is some how killing them in real life.

Sword Art Online IIThough we reunite with some familiar character in season 1, GGO introduces an attractive sniper named Sinon who uses a PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II which is a .50 caliber anti-material sniper rifle. As amazing as this season has been, it can lack a few of the intense emotional elements that made the first season so amazing. For example, the romance relationship that develop between Kirito and Asuna, or the extreme rage Kirito expressed to certain members of Laughing Coffin.

Upon the final outcome of SAO season 2 mid-season finale, we are brough back to Alfheim Online where we are reunited with everyone in Kirito’s party from SAO season 1. After a short 4 episodes, the rest of the SAO season 2 centers around new guild known as the “Sleeping Knight” guild. In a desperate try to achieve the unachievable the Sleeping Knights ask for Asuna’s help after evaluation her fight skills in a duel against their strongest member Yuuki.

Growing up on anime, I’ve seen my fair share of classic, but the atmosphere, the amazing music, and the great character development has quickly made SAO my favorite anime series. That said, those who were a fan of SAO season 1 will recognize an almost different atmosphere in SAO season 2. In my opinion I feel that SAO season 1 was better because the second half completely fed off the first half of. However, SAO season 2 had what appeared to be 4-5 parts. Although this introduces us to new characters, the plot felt a little scattered as it lacked the sort of consistency and the emotional build that was provided by SAO season 1. Overall, the second season of SAO had not been fantastic, but I still consider it deserves a 7.

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