School Days Review – When Sociopath Guy Cheats on Many Girls

School Days AnimeSchool Days can be a number one psychological anime, so don’t judge the anime from its title since you won’t find cute girls playing in school and doing cute things. This is not an anime about ordinary life or something. School Days is a show about how cheating on someone will end up messing with their head and lives, and also how the people heart and mind are extremely delicate, and how friendship is very precious, and when ruined in the worst way, it can have the worst outcomes.

This anime is quite much a psychological anime and is about relationships and what happens when someone cheats on others, but not only one person, a lot of people. The main character is maybe one of the most despicable characters I’ve ever seen. He is my most hated character and cares nothing for the people around him.

So, this School Days review will only include:

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I personally think that the main character turns into an antagonist, considering he hurts every single person he meets and cares nothing about their feeling. He moves all over every single girls through the series, save one or two, only to use them again in the future. While I was watching this anime, I always hoping that there is something bad happen to him.

School Days Anime

School Days Visual Novel
Second cover of School Days (DVD-ROM)

School Days is a Japanese harem and romance anime TV series produced by TNK studio and directed by Keitaro Motonaga. The anime was broadcast on TV Kanagawa and several networks in Japan starting from July 3 to September 27, 2007. TNK also produced two Original Video Animation titled “Valentine Days” which was released on January 17, 2008 and “Magical Heart Kokoro-chan” which was released on March 26 in the same year.

School Days anime is based on Japanese adult visual novel developed by 0verflow of the same name which released on April 28, 2005 for Windows. It was later ported as a DVD game and for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation 2 (PS2).

The manga adaptation based on the game illustrated by Homare Sakazuki was serialized in Comp Ace magazine between May 26, 2006 and September 26, 2007. Kadokawa Shoten published the series into 2 volumes.

Discotek Media licensed the anime series and the “Magical Heart Kokoro-chan” OVA in North America and released them on DVD on June 24, 2014. While the latest Blu-ray of the series was released on February 28, 2017.

School Days Anime Review

School Days Blu-ray
School Days
Complete TV Series Blu Ray Cover
Released on February 28, 2017


School Days centers around the life of Ito Makoto, a first year high school student living with his divorced an unseen mother in Haramihara city. During his second term, he gets to be infatuated with Katsura Kotonoha, a beautiful soft-spoken schoolmate who shares train rides with him to and from school.

When his homeroom seating plan is rearranged, he gets to be close friends with Saionji Sekai, an energetic girl who takes a special interest in his newfound crush, befriending the two and giving them the reasons to meet. Even though her triumphant attempts, however, Sekai turns into jealous of the new couple, having developed feelings for Makoto herself.


Firstly, let me say this as clearly as possible. The storyline and concept is really annoying. So for those who belong to a community that’s always saying something like “just make your own movie” everytime your favorite anime gained poor review, then you will hate this post and you will end up saying like that over and over.

At the first glance, the story somewhat appealing, it’s about love triangle between Makoto, Katsura, and Sekai, resulting in the common attractive girl helps idiot guy she loves to get another girl. The story grew to be predictable and complicated to watch due to the retarded and idiotic main character who must have been the luckiest creature in the world.


The characters are designed poorly, with the exception the last two episodes. Inconsistently drawn, bad facial and body movement, and a lot of key frames are few in number. However, the detail and attention is respectable, like the trains and several details in buildings and the school.

School Days Artwork


I personally think that most of the main character is somewhat sociopath and sex-addict, but you will find some moments occasionally where you see that his actions actually do trouble him and these are really vital in this certain anime because if they didn’t have them, he would really look like a devil. The traits of characters in this anime are really some of the dumbest people I have ever seen. Mainly Makoto, after watching the show about 3 episodes I really wanted to punch his face!


The opening theme sounded wonderful, but it surely didn’t suit that series considering how idiotic and dark the anime grew to be. The opening theme is excessively happy unlike the story. Otherwise, background music is outstanding, even great at times.

Overall (55/100)

The story is interesting, but the characters are annoying. However, this anime teaches you about people mind and heart, as well as forbidden traits. Just go ahead! Watch this anime for moronic and insanity.

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