Rio – Rainbow Gate!: Reshuffle Anime Review

Rio Rainbow Gate Reshuffle
Cover of the first Blu-ray release

I’m going to be straight and say the idea is absurd, but that’s where its attraction arises from. Set in a casino resort where over-the-top duels take place and a lot of fan services from some spice. The main concept is the only iffy thing here, which is your common “collecting rare item” scenario. My problem with it is there is not a lot of it that makes it any fascinating.

I also had a small problem with the change in the story’s development. This occurs around halfway through, and while it’s not that huge of a matter, I just wanted we had additional time for other things before dealing with the big part.


Rio: Rainbow Gate (also known as Rio – Rainbow Gate!: Reshuffle in English) is the original Japanese comedy and gambling anime TV series produced by Xebec and directed by Takao Kato. The series was broadcast on Tokyo MX starting from January 4 to March 29, 2011. Media Blaster licensed the series in North America. For more information, please visit Rainbow Gate official site.

Rio – Rainbow Gate!: Reshuffle


The “Howard Resort Hotel” can be an entertainment location where people gather from all over the world to seize big fortunes. In the casino is a gorgeous female dealer named Rio Rollins, known everywhere as the “Goddess of Victory”.

To be able to approach closer to her mother, one of history’s best dealers, she does fight to collect the legendary cards known as “gates”. Those who collect all 13 gate cards are given the title MVCD (Most Valuable Casino Dealer), evidence that they are a top-notch dealer.

Rio Rainbow Gate Reshuffle Blu-rayRio: Rainbow Gate Reshuffled Blu-ray
Released on May 2, 2017



Well, the plot is so straightforward that the genre described truly did much live up, and the ecchi portion is because every girl in the anime wore extremely kinky clothes and caused by the perverted owner of Howard Casino Resort. The comedy is too basic as well. Most of the story is only focus on the game genre which constantly involves the heroine and main character Rio who is undoubtedly the goddess of luck and her quest to become the most valuable car dealer in the casino business.


The main element of this series may be the visuals. Well, and the characters as well, but the artwork is certainly one of the factors at which you will either love the series for it or maybe dislike it.

The artwork direction is extremely a lot on the side of fan-service. The main character, Rio, is often shown in exposing outfits along with the rest of the cast. All the ladies are generously gifted with plenty of jiggles and shots to show that there is a big focus on the feminine form.


If you are looking for any kind of character development, then you are out of luck. The only ones that obtain such treatment are the main character and her childhood friend, although it is practically nothing too special. Everyone else mostly just sticks with their set character traits, staying that way all through. Even amongst them are the ones that are only there just to fill the story. We get some that make reappearances at specific points, which is preferable to just putting new characters.


There are plenty of shouts, moans, screams, and other sexy lady noises that would make people around you ask what really is you are watching if you have the anime playing on loudspeakers, thus be cautious about that if you plan on watching it around people who don’t understand the real concept.

The music can also be good. There are several happy, breezy soundtrack, there are several dramatic, intense, and others which make them fits the feeling of the show nicely. However, I couldn’t find an outstanding OST that makes me stick for a while. The opening theme is also standard and generic J-Pop genre, just like the anime concept.

Overall (57/100)

I may have seemed a little critical, but overall I did enjoy this anime. I like the idea along with the characters. However, there were some elements that I wished they don’t exist! That would be to get rid of the whole item gathering plotline and any other plot devices that did not necessarily need to be there. I probably will give this anime around 7 or even 9. Well, for what I got, it is good to fill up my weekend time.

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