Nobunagun Review – Girl Who is Possessed by Oda Nobunaga

Nobunagun AnimeA high school girl with a huge gun. Got your curiosity yet? It’s not every day that we can to see a teen girl who holds the soul of legendary warrior, Oda Nobunaga. Another thing, how about the idea of alien known as Evolutionary Invasion Objects (EIO) attacking people? And that is what Nobunagun series tries to do. But for what is truly worth, Nobunagun can be another slapstick attempt to make an anime with an action girl.

I started watching this on a whim and was astounded to find myself continuing completely to the end. I was interested in Shio’s slightly unusual attitude. She had a lot of fun battling and slaying monsters, but it was not exactly how she decided to live her life. Much like any series relating historical characters, it was entertaining to watch who they brought in and what strange abilities they might possess. Anyway, this…

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But what shocked me the most was the ending. This anime is not a very complicated series and the characters do not get a tremendous amount of development, but the ending includes nice twist, quite a good explanation for events, and several interesting fight scenes. Here are the Nobunagun review for ya!

Nobunagun Anime

Nobunagun MangaNobunagun is anime TV series produced by studio Bridge and directed by Nobuhiro Kondo. It is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by masato Hisa. Nobunagun anime series was broadcast on Tokyo MX starting from January 5, 2014 to March 30, 2014.

The anime were licensed by Funimation for North America and also released the complete series on Blu-ray or DVD box set on June 2015 in regular and a limited edition. The latest Blu-ray was released on February 14, 2017 containing 13 episodes of season 1.

Nobunagun Anime Review

Nobunagun Blu-ray
Nobunagun Blu-ray Cover by S.A.V.E.

Nobunagun: The Complete Series S.A.V.E. (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Synopsis: Ogura Shio is a shy misfit who’d rather discuss tanks than gossip about girl stuff. She is suffering from reoccurring dreams of ancient fight scenes, and her only friend is a beautiful popular girl named Asao. But Shio’s life takes an intense turn when a school field trip is disrupted by an outbreak of Evolutionary Invaders: gruesome alien creatures hell-bent on nuking the earth. During a daring attempt to save Asao, Shio learns that she is an E-Gene Holder: the reincarnation of a historical figure capable of summoning special weaponry. Possessed by the legendary warrior spirit, Oda Nobunaga, Shio joins forces with the reincarnated versions of Galileo, Jack the Ripper, and Geronimo for a high octane alien shooting spree.

Storyline: Main plot of this anime comes from those alien invaders called “Evolutionary Invasion Objects” whose motive is to kill humankind. The heroes being titled “E-Gene Holders” manifest the spirits of historical figures into a weaponry form. The concept of borrowing the ability of historical people is kind of promising, however whole concept of “fighting the invaders to defend the world” is too standard and heavily limits the anime’s potential. However, the show itself is somewhat intense.

Artwork: The colors in this anime can be dark and thick, even not in the battle scenes. I think it is the studio’s way of suggesting a scary atmosphere, and disturbed air after the invaders shown up. The background scenery and drawing are more on the very simple. Despite those downsides, the whol animation is good, even during battle scenes, the camera perspectives were okay as well.

Nobunagun Anime Review

Characters: Nobunagun comes with more characters than usual 13 episodes shows. Adequate story and screen time for everyone can be challenging to obtain while maintaining their dedicated action time. I guess the director have done a truly good job in balancing action time and introducing the addition characters.

Sound: The soundtrack comes off as hyper and energetic. But that is not a downside for this anime. In truth, the OST fits best when it’s coordinated with its dynamic tone. Both opening and ending theme song certainly reflects this way with its rapid and strong lyrics, especially the OP theme, it’s really a badass. You can also find degrees of calm music at the time of emotional moments.

  • Opening Theme: “Respect for the dead man” by Pay money To my Pain (featuring Ken & Teru from Crossfaith)
  • Ending Theme: “Chiisana Hoshi” by Shio Ogura (Shiori Mutou), Newton (Yuu Asakawa), Galileo (Sumire Uesaka)

Overall: (62/100) – This is not best anime, nor bad anime. You can give it a try if you love an action anime.

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