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Kimi no Na wa reviewKimi no Na wa review team – it is great anime movie, reaches and sits in number one for the anime movie of all time (MAL version) when this article was made, with the quality of Studio Ghibli makes. It is a journey in a world breathing by using atmosphere, mystery, together with visual wonder. A journey about growth and strength facing overwhelming odds. A journey about people emotion that transcends time and space, as we see our two main characters struggle relentlessly against fate. A journey that could just be one of the most fascinating anime movie experiences I’ve had in a long time.

The movie director Makoto Shinkai’s work is something people tend to love or hate, but this movie is good proof to all of his disdainful critics that his movies were never just eye candy. They discover the nature of life and relationships in calm ways rarely seen or talked over, which is why most of the aren’t face-paced or action loaded, and why they are so wonderful. But even though you are not a fan of such a style with its major use of metaphorical imagery and combination of simple and mind blowing emotions, surely give this anime a chance, and through this Kimi no Na wa review I’ll try to convince you.

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This is probably his most serious, original movie in several ways. As an example, there is an actual mystical factor to the story apart from his previous movies that are set simply on realism. The pacing is much faster and intense. There is a surprising number of humor in the script, making the chemistry between the characters more light-hearted and comically interesting than expected. All of this is performed through a narrative vision so emotional, so amazingly realized, that I am confident everyone at the Anime Expo world premiere screening was tearing up.

Without giving you a spoil, what mostly moves this movie’s story is the dynamics of the protagonists’ relationship. The was these two interact is just so different, unique and adorable. The idea itself allows them to bond on a more personal level, much more fascinating when compared to a teenage love story where boy meets girl. Finally, you feel so invested in their odd relationship, that when most of the action goes down, it is no longer just suspenseful, it can be pretty much heartbreaking.

Editing and sound design play a big role in this immersion. There is rarely a single dull moment thanks to how gripping and emotionally run the timing of every cut is. The design mixed with a lovely music score is fantastic. Subtle and moving when creating

Kimi no Na wa Mini Film Poster
Kimi no Na wa Mini Film Poster
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atmosphere, robust at times of dramatic conflict. In truth, the same can be said for essentially all of the visual aesthetics, which if I never have mentioned about, are perfect. This can be a excellent example of astonishingly jaw-dropping animation blended with robust storytelling.

Kimi no Na wa isn’t just any anime movie. It has the possible to be viewed and researched as art cinema. It is so attractively crafted and carefully detailed, I find myself like I didn’t even include 70% of its achievement in this Kimi no Na wa review. For doing that, I must watch this anime movie again, maybe couple more times before I can truly appreciate this nearly perfect masterpiece.

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