Is the Order a Rabbit? Review (Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? season 1 & 2)

Is the Order A RabbitIs the Order a Rabbit? is about a group of cute girls doing cute things. The concept is pretty simple, the girls have an arubaito in kissaten or coffee cafe called Rabbit House. But the story didn’t focus on that aspect, however, the author seems to try to make this anime just like another slice-of-life and light-hearted story along with moe characters within.

I love the mild comedy aspect, and what the girls do in everyday life. They have a good connection with each other which make them have good relationship development. Maybe the most thing I love is the setting and the city that looks like somewhere in Europe. However, since the anime still includes the Japanese culture, such as Japanese letter in the menu or even the price using Yen, and also I can see Sakura blooming in Spring in front of their school, I feel that this anime is set in the fantasy world without any magic or monsters involvement, or maybe in alternate world where Japan is strongly influenced by Europe architecture.

Apart from that, this anime could be a great series for any moe lovers and slice-of-life fans. You won’t find any battle scenes or heavy drama, just cute girls doing cute things. Also, I feel that this anime could be a good series for teens as well.

Is the Order a Rabbit Anime

Is the Order a Rabbit Manga
Cover of Is the Order a Rabbit volume 1 by Houbunsha.

Is the Order a Rabbit, or also known as Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? in Japan, and often abbreviated as GochiUsa, is the Japanese comedy slice-of-life anime TV series produced by White Fox and directed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto. The anime series was broadcast on Tokyo MX and on several networks in Japan starting from April 10 to June 26, 2014. Official anime website:

The second season of anime adaptation produced by Kinema Citrus and White Fox, and directed by the same previous director which broadcast between October 10 and December 26, 2010 in Japan.

The anime itself is based on the Japanese 4-panel comedy manga series by Koi which serialized in Houbunsha’s seinen Manga Time Kirara Max magazine since March 2011. There is 5 tankoubon volume so far when this review was made.

Sentai Filmworks licensed the both season of anime series in North America and released it on several Blu-ray. The latest Blu-ray of GochiUsa second season was released on April 11, 2017.

Parents Guide and Age Rating

GochiUsa Parents Guide and RatingIs the Order a Rabbit contains:

  • Slice of Life: 100%
  • Mild Comedy: 100%
  • Drama: 41,7%
  • Yuri: 8,3%

Just mentioned above, Is the Order a Rabbit is a slice-of-life anime series which consists of mild comedy and little drama. This anime is kind of cute girls doing cute things in their daily lives and shows us several strong connections between characters. The slice-of-life and comedy aspects are really strong enough to make you easily notice it in every single episode of the show.

While the drama is in moderate level and most of them are involving their internal conflict, however, it’s not really a huge trouble or something that could make you feel sorry for them. The trouble is only a minor things that most of us will think it isn’t enough to be called as a trouble.

But please note that this anime includes several taboo things like Yuri and Siscon. However, the contents are really minimum. Basically, a group-of-girls themed anime series usually will show their strong bond so it’s not surprising if you will see a girl loves another girl. But since the main theme of this anime is slice-of-life, the Yuri and Siscon are only a topping and do not act as the main concept.

If this anime didn’t include Yuri and Siscon element, and also several fan-services like in hot water bath episode and in other scenes, this anime could be enjoyed by everyone. So, based on our analysis, this anime is safe for teen 13 or older.

Is the Order a Rabbit Anime Review


Kokoa Hoto is an energetic and positive girl who gets to be friends with anybody in just three seconds. Right after moving in with the Kafuu family so as to attend her high school away from home, she immediately befriends the shy and precocious granddaughter of Rabbit House cafe’s founder, Chino Kafuu, who is often seen with the talking rabbit, Tippy, on her head.

After starting out her arubaito as a waitress in return for room and board, Kokoa also befriends one other part-timer, Rize Tedeza, who has the uncommon trait and significant physical skills due to her military upbringing.

Two other girls, Chiya Ujimatsu, a waitress from a rival cafe who does everything at her own pace, and Sharo Kirima, a waitress at the different cafe who has the air of a noblewoman even though being impoverished.

Is the Order a Rabbit Blu-rayIs the Order a Rabbit? Complete Collection Blu-ray
Released on July 14, 2015

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Is the Order a Rabbit is a slice-of-life and comedy anime series, which includes cute girls doing cute things. The anime itself doesn’t really have the main story line, they just do some random things and being an episodic series. You can’t find any of story development or related to it, but it’s really light-hearted show that let you feel relax and temporarily freed from heavy anime like gore or action. I found myself love the light-hearted concept mostly in episode 11. Since this anime acts as an episodic show and most of the characters just doing some random things, you also won’t find climax story line here.


Maybe this is the strongest point of the show. Despite the storyline being so weak, most of the audience enjoyed the artwork, especially the character designs. Just like Hyperdimension Neptunia, the characters are so moe and really cute.

gif by: MangaCafe

Apart from that, the background is also pleasant to watch. As an Asian who loves playing simulation games like Rune Factory Frontier and Harvest Moon, I always dream to visit the place where Kokoa and friends live in. The anime set in an alternate world where the Japan has an architectural style like in Europe, or maybe in Europe where lots of Japanese people reside. It’s because you can still see some Japanese culture like Sakura blooming in Spring, price using Yen, and several letters using Japanese characters (Katakana and Kanji).

Is the Order a Rabbit Art BookIs The Order A Rabbit? Art Book “Cafe du Lapin”
(Manga time KR comics)
Released on May 27, 2014

Furthermore, someone gave lots of details about the real locations that were used in the show’s background. According to InfiniteMirai, the background is located in Colmar, France. For more detail, you can check the blog out.

Is the Order a Rabbit Real Location
Real life location of GochiUsa; Photo by InfiniteMirai

I also have looked for the exact location in Google Maps that are used in several scenes on this show. You can check the GM embed below for example.


One of the strongest point of slice-of-life genre is, when some characters with unique traits are gathering in one place, and produce a unique situation, and Is the Order a Rabbit is not an exception. It’s different with Girls Beyond the Wasteland anime, GochiUsa characters have more than one unique traits per character.

For instance, Kokoa is a cheerful but clumsy girl; Chino is a kuudere but a shy girl, sometimes she becomes a tsundere; Rize is a tsundere and gun-otaku, and has a chuunibyou nature; Chiya is a gentle, soft-spoken, but sometimes she turns out to be a negative person, and an ijimeru-type girl; and Sharo is a tsundere-ojousama type and yuri girl.

However, since the storyline somewhat random, so the character developments are also very low. However, the main characters Kokoa manages to make the other characters got their own development, especially Chino Kafuu.


Another strong point of the show. I love the background music. I can feel the Europe atmosphere and light-hearted situation at the same time. It also manages to bring my mood into several situations in the anime. Good job!

But still, there’s a little problem in Opening theme. I don’t say it’s bad, but there’s a line where the lyrics didn’t fit with the singer. As you know that both OP and ED theme is performed by the characters’ seiyuu, and the problem is Rize’s line (Taneda Risa).

Rize has a nature to speak in a manly and strong expression like “da ze” at the end of every sentence she speaks of. However, in the OP she got the line “watashi wo mitsumetemashita“, which makes it sound very strange. The line should be sung by Chino or Sharo instead, at least in my opinion. If you know Japanese, you may also feel that strange, too.

Is the Order a Rabbit Character SongIs The Order A Rabbit? Character Song Selection
(Geneon Universal Japan)

However, the ending fits really well with the slice-of-life genre, so there’s no problem here.

Season 2 Review


One year after Kokoa Hoto arrives at the town, she has grown to be used to her new life as a waitress although the Rabbit House is not the rabbit paradise she originally imagined it to be. Everyday life can be relaxing and peaceful, and she really loves spending time both working and playing with her friends Chino Kafuu, Rize Tedeza, Chiya Ujimatsu, Sharo Kirima. Throughout these light-hearted moments, the girls encounter with other people like a novelist, rival cafes, and secret treasures.

Is the Order a Rabbit: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
Release on April 11, 2017

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This is a sequel, but the concept is still same. Is the Order a Rabbit second season still being an episodic anime with the random plot. The story line includes light-hearted and warm scenes, as usual, some mild jokes that will make you smile. However, the drama is still bad because GochiUsa always including some conflicts and they are fighting over nothing.


Once again, artwork could be the most vital point of this anime. I didn’t drop this anime mostly because of this element. I love the background, I love the character designs, and I love the animation. Just like the first season, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka 2nd season still set in the Europe-like city, exactly in Colmar-France in our real life.

But in the second season, there are another plus points. One of them is, you will see the cutest ending ever, at least in my opinion. Since the animation really fits with the ending theme, it could bring fantastic feeling and atmosphere. And hey… you can see the trio Chimame-tai dancing scenes!

Gif by: xdeyuix


It’s different with 1st season, we can see good character developments in this season, especially Chino Kafuu. As we know that Chino is a kuudere girl and shy person, very logical and not interested in any kind of silly things. However, thanks to Kokoa, Chino got great development in this series.


Another plus point of GochiUsa after its artwork. There are lots of backgrounds you can hear in this series that didn’t appear in the prequel, and they still fit with the situation and easy listening, especially the Europe-like music. Furthermore, the opening and ending are really great. I love them both and never tired to hear them over and over.

Overall (82/100)

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka, or Is the Order a Rabbit is a good anime. Even though the plot and story are really weak, and the drama is bad, the slice-of-life and comedy element is good. I enjoyed watching every scene of SoL and mild joke in this series that will make your heart feels warm. And the most important thing is – yes… the plot is not so good, yes… the drama is bad – I found myself that I need more of GochiUsa. Whether the third season will be released or not? I hope it will.

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