Freezing Review – Nee-san Fight in Pairs with a Younger Boy

Freezing AnimeFreezing is an anime that would work for mature audiences used to the Ecchi genre. If you think that you are a pure one who love pure romantic drama like 5 centimeters per second and feel that this will never apply to you, I highly recommend you to stay away from this, as it can be fan-service-heavy. This also can be a sadistic and stimulating anime sexy girls and a good amount of fantastic battle scenes. Each of the Pandoras (girls who have special abilities, fight in pairs with a younger boy) have a lot of skills that help them fight against aliens and each other.

One of the points that is really different about this anime is the roles of males and females. Commonly, both in reality and virtual world, males are the ones apply to the front line, while females tend to become the supporters. This is certainly an quite often avoided concept in anime world. Which means that, I respect that it was attended to.

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Despite the story may focuses on how the strong girls may be, I think this anime wouldn’t work for female audiences. And once again, this show is only for mature persons. There are tons of fan-service, mild nude, sexy girls, and a little of perverted things. And you will also find a bloody battles, some gore scenes here and there, and wrapped by annoying drama.

Freezing Anime

Freezing Manga
Cover of Volume 1, as released by Kill Time Communication, featuring Satellizer el Bridget

Freezing is the Japanese action and sci-fi anime TV series produced by studio ACGT and directed by Takashi Watanabe. The anime was broadcast on AT-X, Tokyo MX, and several networks in Japan starting from January 8 to April 7, 2013. The second season of freezing titled “Vibration” was produced and directed by the same studio and director respectively.

Freezing is based on the manga series written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim of the same name which began serialization in Kill Time Communication‘s Comic Valkyrie magazine since January 27, 2007. Seven Seas Entertainment acts as English publisher in North America.

There are three spin-off manga series written by original writer Dall-Young Lim including “First Chronicle” illustrated by Jae-Ho Yoon, “zero” illustrated by Soo-Cheol Jeong, and “Pair Love Stories” illustrated by So-Hee Kim.

Funimation licensed the both seasons of the anime in North America and released the series on DVD and Blu-ray on August 28, 2012. The latest Blu-ray was released on February 21, 2017.

Freezing Concept


Satellizer el Bridget as PandoraGenetics, an academy for extra-dimensional affairs, is an institution that trains Pandoras, warriors that oppose the extra-dimensional Nova. By engraving stigmata onto their bodies, Pandoras equip Volt Texture, letting them activate Volt Weapons. Moreover, stigmata grant them physical abilities that far surpass those of normal humans.

Using the host Pandora’s DNA as a guide, the restorative powers of the stigmata work to regeneraton of damaged body parts. Even if they lose a limb, it can heal without any visible scarring. But if the stigmata’s activation is delayed, there’s a chance their injuries won’t heal.


LimiterWhen a Pandora moves on to her second year, she selects a partner known as a Limiter from among the underclassmen. It’s because of Ereinbar, an unknown organ that resides deeper than the neurons and controls the human senses. A Pandora and a Limiter use their Ereinbars to synchronize their senses during combat. This synchronization rate is at its highest between a Pandora and a younger boy. That’s why a Limiter is usually a younger, male underclassman. The synchronization of a Pandora’s and Limiter’s Ereinbars is referred to as an Ereinbar Set. A Nova’s Freezing can be neutralized by using an Ereinbar Set. This ensures that a Pandora can move freely within a Nova’s range.

Freezing Review

Freezing Blu-ray
Complete Season One
Released on August 28, 2012


Several years into the future, humankind is under siege by an alien race called the Novas. These mysterious creatures leave destruction in their wake whenever they show up, with the attempts to stave them off becoming called Nova Clashes. Young women known as “Pandora” and young men called “Limiter” are implanted with stigmata to provide them superhuman abilities and are trained in military academies, where they need to discover ways to work together if humankind is to have a chance of surviving.

Freezing centers around Aoi Kazuya as he sets out for his first day at the West Genetics military academy, right when a fight royale is being performed by the Pandora. It’s here that he mistakenly sees Satellizer el Bridget, a powerful Pandora called the “Untouchable Queen”, as his deceased sister and hugs her. Even though he costs her the match, she realizes that his touch doesn’t drive her away and choose to take him as her Limiter.


For an anime that’s at its center about battling, the overall action can be a little bit disappointing. Yes, there is a number of battling but most of it is crammed into the last few episodes. Most of the early battling is boring and more about tearing apart the girls’ school uniform to show their boobs. I respect the story concept, but I find the drama itself is totally annoying, especially the bullying ones.


The artwork is of better as compared to other titles released during that year. It is well done, but it’s not a masterpiece or unique. However, despite gigantic oppai that are too big for reality, they retained it fairly under control. The battle scenes are well done too, with adequate gore to add more taste.

Freezing Artwork


You will find a lot of cute and lovable girls with great looks and better body proportions, although with a unpleasant attitude. This is really not for the normal female audiences. I still love the main protagonist characters development, Satellizer x Kazuya, but the additional characters seem don’t have special moment and background. It likes their main motive only to bully Satellizer, and it leads to the annoying drama.


The background sound is pretty attractive, especially in the battle and intense scenes. The opening and ending theme are also good, but not too memorable. So far, I don’t have any complaint.

Overall (58/100)

Honestly, I have mixed feelings for this Freezing series. I even can decide whether I like this, or hate this, mainly in the story. The concept is good but not for the drama. There are also confusing science-fiction along with the bloody fight scenes.

Freezing Vibration Review

Freezing Vibration Classic Blu-ray
Freezing Vibration
The Complete Second Season Classic
Released on February 21, 2017


Since then the 10th NOVA clash, the Chevalier had concluded that the NOVA have been appearing at a steadier rate and they are dropping more Pardoras than they can produce. Their method is the E-Pandora Project that involves normal humans being given the power to become Pandoras. Inviting Pandora from around the globe to their Alaskan base witness the unveiling of their new task, Satellizer, Kayuza, and Rana are among those who have been summoned. However, as time goes the E-Pandora Project start to become fishier and the Pandoras start to grow more and more concerned.


If the first season did a good job at keeping it from being weak, this season… while the exact concept of the plot was not terrible, its execution is something of a headache. It looks like the series is intending to develop characters but goes to the wrong way. It is honestly forcing itself at the body of its plot to show the harsh reality of Satellizer’s past. It’s terrible to watch and would make you feel unpleasant with its delivery.


If you watched the first season, the artwork is the same. There’s nothing to complain about and nothing truly special about it.


Well, I think the character development is the major failures of Freezing Vibration. I was confused who’s exactly the main character of this show is, and almost all of them have zero development.


Soundtrack is not completely awesome but is tolerable enough. The OST is only tolerable at perfect during the battle scenes and less so during emotional subplots.

Overall (43/100)

While the idea, concept and art are the good things, the characters and its execution to the concept are the biggest disappointment. The plot itself also fails to end well with a rushed conclusion and hinting a potential continuation.

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