D-Frag! Review – Game Development Club With Strange Elemental-Freak Girls

D-Frag! AnimeAt first I was hesitant of this D-Frag! anime but after being able to watch three episodes I recognized right away it was an absolute must have for me to add to my anime list. The humor is quite similar to other anime like Amagi Brilliant Park such as you meet young male high school student Kazama Kenji who’s forced by Shibasaki Roka, a loly moe female high school student and her fellow clubmates to join the “Game Creation Club” at his school.

For the hilarity start for Kenji in his new club member role you can not help but laugh as they do a thrilling activities and lifestyles in the anime though not in a harsh or unpleasant way. The show undoubtedly keeps the drama and serious scenarios to a minimum to hold it light-hearted which is really appreciated and every single episode is very interesting to watch.

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This can be an absurd comedy with a good amount of outrageous scenarios. The fan-service may be on the lower-end as compared with other anime, but if you do not mind it, the show will entertaining. Even though this anime is fantastic for those who like comedy and humor in general, but if you opt for something more provoking, this will may not work for you. If you enjoy pranks, then this can be a comedy to take into consideration.

D-Frag! Anime

D-Frag Manga
Cover of D-Frag! volume 1 by Media Factory

D-Frag!, also known as D-Fragments is the Japanese comedy anime TV series produced by Brain’s Base studio and directed by Seiki Sugawara. The anime was broadcast on TV Tokyo and other networks in Japan starting from January 6 to March 24, 2014.

D-Frag anime is based on the Japanese comedic manga series written and illustrated by Tomoya Haruno of the same name which began serialization in Media Factory‘s Monthly Comic Alive since July 28, 2008. Seven Seas Entertainment acts as English publisher in North America.

Funimation licensed the show in North America and released the latest blu-ray of the anime on February 7, 2017.

D-Frag! Anime Review

D-Frag Blu-ray
D-Frag Blu-ray Cover
The Complete Series S.A.V.E.
Released on February 7, 2017


Kazama Kenji wants to be something of a delinquent. What is more, others apparently like to agree that he is. Not surprisingly, Kenji’s gang finds their way to a group of four no-cliche girls: Chitose, Sakura, Minami, and Roka, and simultaneously, no matter what reputation he may have is nothing when compared to outrageous behavior of the girls.


Making a comedy and humor needs more abilities than one might imagine. Specifically for a theme like D-frag, one ought to be really innovative and clever. This isn’t just mindless laughter found in Nichijou or at the stupid laugh of Baka to Test. The skills to make something boring interesting can be a special skill that requires much imagination.

D-Frag comes with small story to offer, besides the actions of the game creator club. The story is separate in mini arcs, which each with adequate humor to make you laugh, which makes it perfect for this type of anime. It also tagged along with the harem and romance genre, although the harem and romance aspect are not an important focus of this anime. On top of that, it is accustomed to improve the comedy.


The artwork in this show isn’t something what you can call as a masterpiece. it is simple and plain but still really comfortable to watch. I think that anime such as these are not in a very need of great and astounding art. Character designs are really interesting and very funny to see.

D-Frag Artwork


For a comedy based anime, D-Frag comes with many characters to offer, each with their own charisma. as it can be a harem as well, you will find numbers of female characters but these are not damaging to the anime (I’ve found so many great anime series, but then it was destroyed by the harem element. I think Sword Art Online is the best example for this). The main character Kazama is one of the most appealing character as he is not your typical protagonist. He does not take romantic interest in the heroines and just focus on how to get out of these absurd situations in the anime.


The soundtrack utilized in D-Frag is nothing outstanding and it could get repetitive from time to time, yet there are a few compositions that fared perfectly with the numerous situations, and it is aiming to represent to the viewers. The seiyuu performed their roles perfectly as well, fitting with their character’s traits and personalities, as in addition increasing the comedy portion of the anime.

Overall (86/100)

D-Frag! succeed to make me laugh during the entire whole duration with funny and silly situations. It can be really the best example of a comedy anime which can be thought to be a great. So if you are interested in watching a comedy genre with an entertaining harem, I think D-Frag will work for you!

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