Comet Lucifer Review – Hybrid Fusion of Sci-fi, Mecha, and Drama

Comet Lucifer AnimeComet Lucifer Review – The show almost never talked about angels or devils or in fact anything that relates to religious themes. And the Comet thing isn’t some devastating incident like a comet hitting the earth to set up it look like some apocalyptic world. Taken for granted, I’d find this anime as a show of a combination between sci-fi, mecha, and drama. Still, Comet Lucifer doesn’t accurately reached all the right angles with its genres.

For being an original anime (not based on manga, game, or light novel), Comet Lucifer basically had a whole lot of potential. The first several episodes we are introduced to the fantasy world where sci-fi elements are proven. Starting from giant robots to animal hybrids, there is a tremendous number of curiosity to watch where the story will move.

The concept is also very simple. There is a young main protagonist named Sogo and Kaon who happen to encounter a mysterious girl named Felia. She has also a mysterious ability that links her to the power of a giant robot. And the adventure starts out there as Sougo, Felia and Kaon reveals dark secret in their world. Sounds familiar, right?

Comet Lucifer Review

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I feel like the story keep trying to switch genres over and over, and I feel like none of them are executed well. You will find slice of life in the first 5 episodes, the cliche of romance, and sometimes there is an ecchi tone in a few of episodes. I mean, the story is really fall apart.

Alright, before I continue my Comet Lucifer review, maybe you can close this article if you already knew where this analysis will go, but for those who still curious because you plan to buy its blu-ray, let me explain first what exactly is this…

Comet Lucifer

Comet Lucifer is an original fantasy and mecha anime TV series produced by 8-bit and directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi. The anime was broadcast on Tokyo MX and other networks starting from October 4, 2015 to December 20, 2015.

Comet Lucifer has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America and released the anime on Blu-ray on February 14, 2017.

Comet Lucifer Anime Review

Comet Lucifer Blu-ray
blu-ray cover

Comet Lucifer [Blu-ray]

Synopsis: Gift is a world where shining blue crystals called Giftium are hidden deep underground. A young boy named Amagi Sougo lives in the prosperous mining town of Garden Indigo. Sougo, whose passion is gathering rare crystals, one day gets to be involved a fight between classmates Kaon, Roman and Otto. He wanders deep into the mining and finds an underground lake. There, Sougo and Kaon encounters a mysterious girl named Felia and their fateful meeting is the beginning of a new adventure with their newly formed relationship.

Plot: Frankly speaking, I hardly even know what the story is. At first, Sougo encounters the girl named Felia and takes her in. For an unknown reason, the government wants to capture Felia. Sogo then goes on adventure aiming to protect Felia and help her adjust to this new world.

I have one problem with this storyline. I don’t know why the government people are trying to capture Felia until the end of the show, and why the creator didn’t really explain it sooner despite it’s very crucial to be told since it’s a basic concept of the show. All I can expect is it was because of Felia’s magical abilities. But again, I can not even truly understand her power, because those were never really mentioned by Sougo or Kaon, or explained by the creator as well. So, quite simply, it was just battling show, without any idea what the purpose of it is.

Artwork: It is typically really bright, I think some of the character designs are attractive and nice, while others are lame (Like the main protagonist Sougo, and also Roman). Animation is respectable, the battle scenes are smooth and the camera angle is good. I think the artwork is the only strong point of the show.

Comet Lucifer Artwork

Characters: The character development is pretty bad. The main protagonist Sougo is the nice guy type, Kaon is romantic type has an interest in her friend Sougo, and Roman’s crush toward Kaon but is returned with emptiness. Honestly, if romance is really also a part of the plot, then it totally failed.

Sougo is very cliched as main character of the show. He is much like boring as an empty headed brain. Felia also known as the main female character, is nothing more than a moe character. I mean, she is annoying and the clueless character who has mysterious abilities but never seen use them for anything essential in the plot.

Sound: The soundtrack is good but not the best. It balances between tense and light based on the circumstance and it responds to it. Both opening them and ending theme caries a colorful idea. I don’t say I hate it. Honestly I love the opening theme song but I feel like it didn’t fit with the show. These type of song will match with slice-of-life genre. Yes, this anime can be included into slice-of-life (look at the first few minutes in episode 1), but once again, I have to say that it failed to bring the slife-of-life itself.

  • OP Theme: “Comet Lucifer: The Seed and the Sower (コメットルシファー ~The Seed and the Sower~)” by fhána
  • ED #1: “Oshiete Blue Sky (おしえてブルースカイ)” by Ayaka Ohashi
    ED #2: “evolve” by TRUE
    ED #3: “Hadashi no Mama demo Kowakunai (裸足のままでもこわくない)” by Ayaka Ohashi
    ED #4: “Tsuioku no Kanata (追憶のかなた)” by fhána
    ED #5: “Hitotsu ni Naritai (ヒトツニナリタイ)” by Ayaka Ohashi

Overall: (43/100) – I can’t enjoy the show except the animation. The only thing that can make me keep and force myself to watch this show is the artwork.

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