Busou Shinki Review – The 6-Inch Tall Figures Loyalty to Their Masters

Busou Shinki AnimeBusou Shinki is an anime centers around cute girls doing a lot of things in every day life. Shinki are little automatons modeled after girls, designed to serve their masters. At first, they designed for battle, but they are now seen in several lines of work along side their masters.

If you are searching for an anime loaded with fight harems and shounen actions, then this isn’t for you. Busou shinki is precisely what the information says: futuristic slice of life with little robots.

I personally want to give the anime higher score in this genre if it carried more of a real story at the start. After you fall into it, the ideas and concepts in this show leave you wanting even more, and the second season is not going to really fill the gap.

Anyway, this Busou Shinki Review will only include:

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  • Busou Shinki Anime Review

Busou Shinki Review

Busou Shinki can be a funny and lighthearted action comedy that centers around four 6-inch tall automatons owned by a young man. Despite he doesn’t permit them involve in the any battle in competitions, they still have some adventures. These tiny robots are really funny, silly, and loyal to their masters. So, what is…

Busou Shinki Anime

Busou Shinki Figures
A collection of Busou Shinki figures

Busou Shinki is an action and mecha anime series produced by 8bit and directed by Masayuki Kojima. It is based on the real Busou Shinki armored woman action-figure toys manufactured by Konami Digital Entertainment. Busou Shinki was broadcast on TBS, MBS, and BS-TBS starting from October 4, 2012 to December 20, 2012.

The anime was licensed by Sentai Filmworks for North America in 2012 and released the anime on Blu-ray and DVD on March 15, 2012. The latest blu-ray was released on February 14, 2017 containing 13-episodes including un-aired Original Video Animation.

Busou Shinki Anime Review

Busou Shinki Blu-ray
Busou Shinki Blu-ray Cover
Released on February 14, 2017

Busou Shinki [Blu-ray]

Concept: Shinki are 15 centimeter tall partners created to serve humans. They are endowed with intelligence and emotion, and serve the one they call “Master”. Humans can equip their Shinki with whatever armor or weaponry they please, and command them to fight. Some fight for honor, others to prove their strength, and some simply strive for victory. These girls who do battle using the weapons given to them by their masters are what we call “Busou Shinki”!

Synopsis: The slice-of-life fight action story is set in a future without World War 3 or even alien invasions – just a normal future set after our current age. In this era, robots or automatons are part of everyday life, and they contribute in a variety of aspects society. Shinki, are 15-centimeter-tall cute partners designed to help humans. Equipped with emotions and intelligence, they devote themselves to serving their Masters.

These Shinki can even be equipped with weaponry and armor to battle each other. Such Shinki are called “Busou Shinki”. In particular, the Shinki Ann, Aines, and Lene serve a high school student named Masato. Things change when a new Shinki, the Bellicose Strarf, joins them.

Plot: Quite simply, it is a slice of life anime without a defined plot. After you watch the first episode, and then jump to the 4th episode, then back to the 2nd episode, you will notice nothing since the the anime itself appears to be episodic with random story in each episode. There is no even one events throughout the series.

Artwork: Maybe the art is its plus point. The background looks good and can fit with the feels and atmosphere. For example during the mingle and battle, it gives different vibes. The character design is moe, and you can find a lot of fan-service. But still, it’s really weird to watch fan-service that brought by robot. For the human themselves, sorry to say, they look not as cute as the Shinki. I guess the character design only focused on the Shinki and give all the efforts to make them look as moe as possible.

While the fight or battle scenes are good. Almost all the scenes were made by 3DCG with good camera angle. Even the tiny robot could make the battle as good as human in shounen genre, although it didn’t reach the best level.

Busou Shinki Anime Artwork

Characters: Busou Shinki is basically centered around automatons and their daily life as partners to their Masters. It’s hard to find character development on this series, almost zero character development. I can’t enjoy the character apart from their cute appearances.

Sound: The anime largely is daily life of Shinki, and sometimes their battles. The sound for battle is okay, it brings the fight atmosphere and help the battle more intense. But for slice-of-life scene, or daily life scene, or whatever you want to call it, it’s kinda weird and boring. In some moments, I really can’t hear the sound at all, just like very quite. I do familiar with slice-of-life and comedy genre, so I believe that there are some scenes that should be given more funny sounds. If not, it’s gonna be boring and the audiences will forget how to laugh.

For the theme song, you will like the opening song if you are into idol like AKB48 or others. And I personally love the ending song. I guess the ending song will fit for those who are falling in love, have positive mind, or trying to live life to the fullest.

  • Opening Theme: “Install x Dream” by Kana Asumi, Minori Chihara, Kaori Mizuhashi, and Megumi Nakajima
  • Ending Theme: “Taiyou no Sign (太陽のサイン)” by azusa

Overall: (73/100) – Just like what I said, I’m not into anime with random plot. I don’t like the character development apart from their cuteness. But still, I can enjoy the art and sometimes the battle scenes. Well, this anime isn’t for those who only chase the fight scenes alone. This anime is also not for someone who really into slice-of-life and comedy genre. But if you love mecha anime, maybe you can give it a try. You will feel new atmosphere how the mecha girls look like.

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