Binbougami ga! Review

Binbougami ga!Binbougami ga! is a very good comedic anime, on par with Cromartie High school, but from a girl’s point of view, it handles a girl; who has so much fortune that she can actually take fortune form others leading to them problems, only by the involvement of a God of Misfortune who can siphon her fortune and utilize it to fix the issues is this, problem is Good Luck Girl does not exactly wants her luck taken, which causes chaos between two.

The main character in this series is Sakura Ichiko who was born with too much good fortune energy, and therefore she’s good everything, beautiful, wealthy and a total brat. To keep Ichiko’s excess of good fortune energy from bringing catastrophe to everyone around her, a God of Misfortune is sent to extract Ichiko’s good fortune energy. This causes a madcap comedy on the levels of Tom and Jerry or Loony Tunes shorts as the misfortune god Momiji undergoes an endless selection of wild techniques and absurd god items to handle her mission.

A comedy first of all and most important first, the closest I can compare this anime to are American Loony tunes, in the perfect way. The action is zany, crazy and hilarious. It could be hard to properly translate humor across language barriers if you don’t really puns about Japanese Kanji. There are numerous references to other famous anime titles like Dragonball Z and Death Note as well. These are more amusing if you are familiar with those shows, but that’s not necessary to enjoy the jokes.

Beyond the humor, the storyline is a well performed one. The story is focused on the gradual development of Ichiko and the friendship that grows between Ichiko and Momiji. There’s a lot of heart to be found in this show, and avoids becoming too melodramatic or cheesy.

This Binbougami ga! show is typically not for the under-13 audience, if you are sensitive about fan-service in anime. There are many scenes of Ichiko or other female characters in a bath or bathhouse, one of the dominant side characters is a masochist, which is enjoyed for humor (to be fair, since he is a god-god who appears like a chihuahua, it’s very hilarious).

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If you like watching anime dubbed, you’re in fortune. The English seiyuu is fantastic, which is not common for a comedy like this. Colleen Clinkenbeard, in particular, absolutely NAILS Momiji’s characters in among the best dub performances I have ever heard.

In conclusion, if you are an anime fan searching for a good humor with heart, this is an excellent pickup.

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