Bakuman Blu-ray Anime Review – An Anime About Making Manga

Usually, people who love anime will also love manga – even not all people like that. But most of us never know the process of how to make manga, and how it goes a serialization? But through this anime, we will be brought to a world that we never known before, that’s manga industry in depth and in detail. Made by the same author with Death Note, Bakuman delivers some good shounen stories between dream, hard work, love, manga, and anime in general.

The words of Bakuman itself comes from “Bakuchi Manga”, which means “gambling manga” in English. The creator Tsugumi Ohba (writer) and Takeshi Obata (art) did it all over again. They created a crazy great shounen story that doesn’t have any physics battles. They have truly enhanced the shounen style! To people who don’t recognize, they authored the Death Note, as well. Considering that Death Note could be one of the most watched anime so far and has plenty points in common. I believe it is suitable that I will refer to that to let you fully grasp some points better.

Bakuman is a good anime. The characters are well-written, its story is well-executed, and the fantastic pacing can make its concept inspirational. Perhaps it just hit a chord with me, but seeing the characters sweat to create their masterpiece made me want to do the same – yes, it really is that great. I pulled all-nighters to enjoy Bakuman, and I can not think of a much better suggestion than that.


Bakuman Manga
The cover of the first volume of Bakuman manga, released in Japan by Shueisha on January 5, 200.

Bakuman is Japanese comedy, drama, and slice of life anime TV series produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Kenichi Kasai and Noriaki Akitaya. The anime lasted for 3 seasons with each season provides 25 episodes.

The Bakuman anime itself is based on the Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata of the same name. The manga was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump starting from August 11, 2008, to April 23, 2012. Shueisha then published this masterpiece in 20 tankoubon volumes. Madman Entertainment and Viz Media act as English publisher in Australia and North America respectively.

A video game adaptation titled Bakuman.: Manga e no Michi was developed and published by Namco Bandai Games for Nintendo DS. The game was released only in Japan on December 15, 2011.

The Novel titled Perfect Crime Party (PCP) based on the fictional manga in the series written by Takagi Akito and illustrated by Moritaka Mashiro was also been created. It’s written by Sei Hatsuno and published by Shueisha on October 2, 2015.

For more information about Bakuman manga, please visit the official Bakuman anime page in NHK website.

Season 1

Bakuman is the Japanese comedy, drama, shounen, and romance anime TV series produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Kenichi Kasai and Noriaki Akitaya. The season 1 lasted for 25 episodes and broadcast in NHK-E starting from October 2, 2010, to April 2, 2011, in Japan. Madman Entertainment and Viz Media licensed the series in Australia and North America respectively.

Bakuman DVDBakuman First Issue (Amazon)
Released on November 22, 2011



Bakuman Anime Season 1

As an optimistic kid, Mashiro Moritaka dreamed to become a mangaka, just like his childhood idol and uncle, Kawaguchi Tarou, the author of a popular gag manga. However, when disaster strikes, he gives up on his fantasy and spends his middle school life studying, striving to become salary-man instead.

At some point, his classmate Takagi Akito, the school’s best student and aspiring writer, realizes the detailed drawings in Mashiro’s notebook. Seeing the huge potential of his artistic talent, Takagi approaches Moritaka, proposing that they become mangaka together. Right after much convincing, Mashiro finds out that if he is able to make a popular manga series, he might be able to get the girl he has a crush on, Azuki Miho, to take part in the anime adaptation as a seiyuu. Thus, the pair author starts making manga under the pen-name, Ashirogi Muto, wishing to become the best mangaka in Japan.


If I can summarize the story of Bakuman in a single sentence it would be something like this: Bakuman is a story about two close friends, Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito who wish to become the best mangaka in Japan. Their quest is long and loaded with laughter, cheers, tears, courage, and love. The personal lives of our mangaka include lots of twists and drama which makes the tale much more interesting than one would anticipate.

The tale is engrossing and so well crafted that I want some of the tales and ideas that the characters come up with for their manga were real.


It’s quite detailed for being a slice of life anime genre and there is lots of variety. I also loved how the anime offered the mangaka work in this dramatic way.


Bakuman’s finest strength sits not in its tale, but in its characters, at least in my opinion. Mashiro and Takagi are wonderful characters that match the style of the story properly because through them we see struggles mangaka undergo to get serialization and the continuous fight to keep on being serialized. Both of them take care of one another deeply and through ups and downs, together they keep pushing forward.

The supporting cast is one of the most likable and funnies I have ever noticed. From the fellow mangaka to the editors, everyone experienced like they had an objective and assisted contribute to the plot. The relationship between characters is also wonderful. I loved each character, however, I felt Niizuma Eiji and Hiramaru Kazuya stood out above the rest. They were unique, eccentric, and interesting and just plain darn fun to see.


The opening theme “Blue Bird” is catchy enough, ad suits the feeling down to the ground. Bakuman’s background music gets familiar as well with the series.

Blue Bird KobukuroOpening Theme:
“Blue Bird” by “Kobukuro”
Audio CD

Overall (10/10)

Bakuman has become one of my most favorite anime so far. It is not cynical, philosophical, dismal, or about the downfall of mankind. It is not the series to end all anime. I just like it since it was so enjoyable to watch. I even forgot my own troubles for 25 episodes and that is why I watch this anime, to have enjoyment. An excellent story, stunning artwork, a catchy soundtrack, and well-crafted characters. I hope you watch this masterpiece, too.

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