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Actually, I Am... AnimeActually, I Am… is something that should be watched if you want a funny laugh rather than any kind of realistic romance drama. The romance side is almost similar to a satire from time to time as it feels dense yet comical as the story moves along. and of course, who can’t ignore our colorful cast of monster girls? In retrospect, this anime is a lot more like an imaginative storytelling that can strike as peculiar when guy learns what “she” actually is…

Nobody wants to share secrets with you. But can you imagine if a secret is so vital that if found out the girl you love will disappear forever? Well that’s the story for one Kuromine Asahi, someone who is so sincere that he cannot keep a secret or tell a lie. But things change when he learns that the most popular girl is actually a vampire and if found out she have to leave school forever.

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Now he has to keep everyone else from recognizing, mainly the maniac school newspaper reporter who looking for her big up-to-date secret. And that’s not all, shortly he finds out of other secret that could get him in lots of hot water if found out. Starting from vampires, alien girl, to possessed glasses are just the tip of the iceberg in this anime series.

Actually, I Am… Anime

Actually, I Am…, or also known as My Monster Secret or Jitsu wa Watashi wa in Japan is the Japanese romantic comedy anime TV series produced by TMS Entertainment studio and directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto. The anime was broadcast on TV Tokyo and several networks in Japan starting from July 6 to September 28, 2015.

The anime is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiji Masuda which known as My Monster Secret. The manga itself has been serialized in Weekly Shounen Champion magazine since January 31, 2013. As of December 2016, Akita Shouten has published the manga into 20 tankoubon volume, while Seven Seas acts as English publisher in North America.

Discotek Media licensed the anime and has released the series on DVD and Blu-ray on February 28, 2017.

Actually, I Am… Anime Review

My Monster Secret Blu-ray
My Monster Secret Blu-ray cover
Released on February 28, 2017


Kuromine Asahi is a standard high school student who apparently cannot keep a secret, finds his demeanor quickly challenged when he spots his classmate, Shiragami Youko, unfurling a huge pair of wings from her back. He discovers that Youko is actually a vampire, and that she’s only able to enroll in a normal high school on one condition, no one have to find out her true identity.

This secret gets to be tricky to maintain, as Youko herself can be an airhead and Asahi’s childhood friend Mikan is constantly bullying the two of them. Down the line, he learns more girls in his school with different secrets of their own starting from a little alien who rides a human-sized exoskeleton of herself, a werewolf able of switching gender at any depiction of a moon, a thousand-year-old demon who secretly runs the school, and more who pose a challenge as Asahi attempts to keep Youko’s secret.


To begin with, all the girls are not in love with the guy. You can find foils and women in there just doing their own thing. The series is more about the girls denying their own feelings, which plays nicely against the guy. He is not really a full loser, merely a really honest person. So honest that it seems like he can’t keep secrets, so the wide range of girls with secrets appear.

Literally, this is types of weak, though it provides a few semblance of reason behind him struggling very hard, despite his attracting and care for some others truly could have been enough. with such strange characters, there are numerous episodes I personally don’t enjoy for defending into silliness, but overall the stories are fairly good and developed well. The comedy can be a strength of the anime, and I laughed a couple of times. As opposed to other anime of this category, it’s rich in the characters feelings, motivation, emotions, misunderstandings, mistakes, and small happiness they discover in the times they allow themselves to be honest


It is appealing how something so simple turn to be so really fitting to a single series. I can not say I see a single mistake in the animation, even though through my inexperienced eyes. I think in terms of quality, it really strikes the mark. For instance, the running scenes is very detailed and facial expressions are hilarious.

Actually I Am Art


Characters are generally really generic. You will meet the goody two shoes male main characters, the dense main heroine, the jealous one, the childhood friend, and the ecchi busty girl. Nothing distinctive by any means and as a matter of fact, this anime certainly centers around the male main characters and the dense and jealous heroines. The other two seem to play no part in developing the story and look like in screen for no particular purpose.

All of the supporting characters are generic as well. The most fascinating character to me is the principal, although she has very small screen time and it would’ve been great to know more about her. The characters lacked lots of originality, but redeeming qualities are their interactions. It is funny most of the time, but almost all the drama packed scenes seemed forced.


Sounds is overall respectable. The opening animation appeared to give off the wrong atmosphere of the show, but it is catchy. While the ending has to be one of my favorite song out there.

Overall (63/100)

Actually, I Am… is overall a fun experience, with fascinating character designs, though failing into exploring these to its full potential, making the plot itself rather dull and simple. Still, the occasional comedy scenarios were able to keep the story appealing. What has been a fantastic romantic comedy with exciting characters and interesting story progression, became rather lackluster in contrast, but still fun.

My Monster Secret Manga Review

Jitsu wa Watashi wa manga series is written and illustrated by Eiji Masuda. The first volume was published by Akita Shouten on June 7, 2013 in Japan, while the English language was licensed by Discotec Media for North America and released it on January 12, 2016 under the title My Monster Secret.

My Monster Secret Manga
Japanese cover of the first volume of My Monster Secret, featuring Shiragami Youko


Everybody knows Asahi is the worst liar in his school. When he falls in love with the enigmatic and the most popular student Shiragami Youko from his class, he determines to confess to her before she, and everyone else, can read his feelings like an open book. But there is just one trouble, Asahi finds out her secret and it is a lot bigger than this! Youko is actually a vampire, and if the school discovers, she will disappear from his life forever.


In all importance this can be a fresh read for those who are into comedy and romance manga. Standard harems most often have the same kind of characters. But nothing like that here. No striking the main character because he sees her skirt. Similar to the female trips and asteroids fall and the main character is trying to fight insanity. I gotta say that the story gets better and better. He selects one girl and sticks with her, even when other cute girls try to hit on him.


I’m sure it appears to be really unique compared to many other series out there and it has several memorable reaction facial expression that will make you laugh. Even though at the beginning the artwork seemed really jarring and almost cringy but as time passes I got used to and started to love it.


The characters can be surely the strongest point of this series with a colorful various characters none of which feels exceedingly dull. With each characters having their own unique personality that distinguishes them from other cast. While main character is pretty much similar from many other series, but he is still interesting to follow.

Overall (83/100)

My Monster Secret can be a colorful of comedy packed with ridiculousness in every corner, and an underrated manga that also shows you various friendship and kindness with a touch silliness.

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