Mine Fujiko (Lupin III) No ratings yet.

Mine Fujiko (峰 不二子) is Lupin’s love interest. She’s sometimes an associate in his strategies, sometimes a rival, knowing full well that his infatuation with her will mean that he will forgive her for double-crossing him at times. Fujiko is an very intelligent and crafty person and will use her feminine charms to get what

Jigen Daisuke (Lupin III) No ratings yet.

Jigen Daisuke (次元 大介) is a smooth gunman who’s most seen with Lupin in his endeavors and heists. Despite Jigen hating Lupin’s lust for women, to the end he remains Lupin’s loyal and trustworthy marksman. Daisuke can perform a 0.3-second quick-dray and shoots with awesome accuracy. He prefers to hide his eyes using his hat,
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