Yayoiso’s ReLIFE Will Get Live Action Film

ReLIFEYayoiso’s ReLIFE manga series will get a live action film in Spring 2017. The filming will begin in early November and scheduled to air on April 15, 2017. The film is planned to have an original ending.

Taishi Nakagawa will role as the protagonist Kaizaki Arata and Yuna Taira will role as Hishiro Chizuru. Takeshi Furusawa will lead as the director in this film.

Yayoiso started the manga on free applications Comico in 2013 and has been published in the physical form in 2014. Taibundo released all six volume manga compilation on August  12.

Yayoiso's ReLIFE Will Get Live Action Film

The manga itself has been getting an anime adaptation this year which all episodes were aired through Comico applications before going into television in Summer 2016. Kensho Ono which was voicing Arata Kaizaki on anime will return to play its role in the stage adaptation this autumn.

The manga’s story revolves around Arata Kaizaki, an unemployed 27-year-old man who had just lost the financial support from his parents. Do not getting new job because of his bad track record, which he had previously only lasted 3 months in a company. One night after hanging out with friends from high school, Arata met Yoake Ryo, a mysterious man who offered a pill that makes him back to the age of 17 so he can repeat his life. Having agreed to this, Arata re-entered high school class and meet Hishiro Chizuru, an anti social girl with beautiful appearance. Through a relationship with her and his other classmates, Arata is trying to find new better identity in real life within one year.

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