Risa Taneda takes a break from Seiyuu industry

Taneda RisaSeiyuu Risa Taneda (Saki Wanatabe – Shinsekai Yori; Mirai – Kyoukai no Kanata; Nakiri Erina – Shokugeki no Souma) take a break from the Seiyuu industry for a while due to illness.

This was announced on the official website of agency Office Osawa. She has attained prior treatment but because there is no signs of recovery she made the decision to temporary hiatus from her work as a seiyuu in order to focus on recovering from her illness.

This summer she is working in the anime series Shokugeki no Souma as Nakiri Erina. Risa was getting debut as the main character in the anime series in 2012 and then as Saki Watanabe in the anime series Shinsekai Yori.

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