PPAP singer Pikotaro Gets Anime Adaptation

Pikotaro Lullaby LuuullabyThe phenomenon of the PPAP song, which also known as Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen that cause a stir last year, fictional songwriter and singer Pikotaro who played by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka grew to be a cultural trend.

Even though the song and popularity has decreased recently, the comedian’s mustachioed improve ego continues to be successful among the entertainers, even as he’s planned to feature in TV anime series in Japan that scheduled air this Summer.

As reported by gaming website Kotaku, the anime series titled “Pikotaro no Rarabai Raarabai” or also known as “Pikotaro’s Lullaby Luuullaby” in English will include the adventure of the viral singer, who will voice himself and all the other characters in the anime.

Not much was mentioned regarding the anime’s plot, however, Japanese site Mantan Web noted that it will center around Pikotaro’s fairy tail dream.

Because of its popularity around the world, the PPAP has been hailed as the fresh and new “Gangnam Style” along with the original video reckoning over 100 million views on Youtube alone.

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