Popular Web Manga ‘Renai Boukun’ Gets TV Anime In Spring 2017

Popular Web Manga 'Renai Boukun' Gets TV Anime In Spring 2017The popular love-comedy manga “Renai Boukun” that’s been serializing at Japan’s largest web comic site “Comic Meteor”, is decided that the manga will be adapted into TV anime on April 2017. Renai Boukun is a popular love-comedy manga by Mihoshi Megane serialized at Comic Meteor since July 2012.

The manga tells about Aino Seiji who got his name written in a mysterious Shinigami’s notebook called “Kiss Note”, a powerful notebook that makes people who have their names written together instantly fall in love if they kiss each other. This miraculous and very well-known item belongs to an angel named Guri whose job as cupid is to create couples. However, she mistaken writes down Seiji’s name, a normal high school student, and unless he kisses someone, Guri will die.

The production of anime is handled by EMT Square which is well-known for gag comedy including Kuma Miko and Nyan Koi!

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