The 10 Most Popular Noragami Characters on Internet

Calling a god is possible right now, since you can find mysterious number on the street made by the stray god Yato-gami who will help you resolving some problems starting from cope with bullying, cleaning room, babysitting, to get rid of evil souls. The better part is you only need to spend $5 per one task.

But this is not the main story of the anime.

The main plot begins when the high school girl, Hiyori Iki, saves Yato from car accident but she turns into half-ayakashi in result. Since then, Hiyori always involving herself into Yato’s and his assistant, Yukine’s “god issue” and the three of them became very close without them knowing it.

Noragami Characters

Noragami is the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Adachitoka which has also been adapted into anime series in 2014 and 2015. The manga was published by Kodansha in Japan since December 2010, and by Kodansha Comic USA in North America. You can read the manga review here.

While the anime series has already had 2 seasons so far which the first season was aired between January and March 2014, while the second season called “Noragami Aragoto” was aired on October to December 2015. You can also read the anime review here.

Anime Bibly has been collecting data to obtain the result of the 10 most popular Noragami characters on the internet. Data was taken from various sources including forums, Google Trends, social media, and how many times have characters’ name been searched on the internet. And here is the result:

We also made tips and recommendation stuffs about Noragami cosplay for anyone who want to cosplaying one or more characters in the series.

10. Rabou

RabouSeiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro

Rabou is usually seen speaking with Nora and has been identified to be able to control Phantoms. He’s also known as a god of calamity, akin to Yato, and having previously worked together with him, and seeing him being what he’s today making him planned to bring back the old Yato. After Yato managed to defeat him, it’s suggested that Rabou just wanted Yato to kill him. He is known to kill Regalia, humans, Phantom and other gods, not caring what the job is, as long as he was wanted to do it.

9. Daikoku

DaikokuSeiyuu: Ono Daisuke

Daikoku is Kofuku’s overprotective Regalia. He regards himself as Kofuku’s husband, and once raised a child Regalia with her. Daikoku always wearing a serious expression. For that reason, one may feel that he is an intimidating person. However he is really a loving person, and is deeply loyal and caring towards his master Kofuku. In addition to that Daikoku may be defensive, mainly towards Kofuku.

8. Ebisu

EbisuSeiyuu: Okiayu Ryoutarou, Tatsumi Yuiko

Ebisu is one of Seven Gods of Fortune, who offers to buy Yukine from Yato after he turns into a Blessed Vessel, or even use him as a Nora. He dresses just like a businessman, and is fairly harsh with his words. Dissimilar to most gods, he has no difficulty with using Nora. Having been abandoned by his mother Izanami, he views himself as an outcast, and thus sympathizes with them. He tries to use Phantoms as his Regalia, and his persistent failures in that result in him to reincarnate frequently.

7. Nora

NoraSeiyuu: Kugimiya Rie

Nora is one of the main antagonists of the series. She’s Yato’s ex-Regalia. Her name “Nora” got from gods who call any Regalia who has various masters which means “stray”, and thus various names. For that reason, Nora have negative reputation and are the target of prejudice by the gods, but are even now used for tasks that they don’t want their own Regalia to be used. Nora was named Hiiro by Yato, and she still offers herself to be called by him, although he constantly refuses.

6. Kazuma

KazumaSeiyuu: Fukuyama Jun

Kazuma is one of Bishamon’s Regalia and exemplar. He regards Yato as his benefactor, even though Yato being enemies with his master. Kazuma can be a calm, serious, and smart person. he cares tremendously for Bishamon, calling her by a pet name, Veena, as well as his fellow Shinki. He’s also proved to be really loyal to his mater, responsible and also trustworthy. He also honors his debts, extremely to Yato, who he begged to kill his fellow shinki to save Bishamon.

5. Kofuku

KofukuSeiyuu: Toyosaki Aki

Kofuku is binbougami (god of poverty). She’s energetic and gentle, but can be fierce and stands up if when needed. She is known to have an uptempo personality, and a bit of light headed and carefree. She plainly states that she loves to have fun, but struggles to due to her shinki, Daikoku, who’s really protective of her. She has also a very protective and serious side at times and doesn’t seem scraed to square up people no matter who they are, as seen when she threatens Bishamon.

4. Bishamon

BishamonSeiyuu: Sawashiro Miyuki

Bishamon or Bishamonten, and also nicknamed Veena, is the god of war, taking the for of a young long blonde hair woman. She has a lot of Regalia due to her being unable to abandon spirits attacked by Phantoms, and forms a huge group over time, which causes her trouble as she can’t tend to all of them correctly. She has a deep hate for Yato, as he slain her previous clan of Regalia in the past. Even though being a fearsome god of war, Bishamon is quite generous towards her Shinki. She willingly will take any wandering and troubled spirit, useful or not, and adds them to her family.

3. Iki Hiyori

Hiyori IkiSeiyuu: Uchida Maaya

Hiyori is a high school student and becomes a half-ayakashi after she saved Yato from car accident, whcih she grows the problem of involuntarily falling asleep all of the sudden resulting from her soul “slipping out” of her body and somehow getting stuck between the human world and the afterlife. Hiyori can be a kind-hearted girl with a strong sense of right and wrong. She is also willing to risk her own life to save a total stranger, which is proven when she pushes Yato out of the way of a bus, which led t her getting hit instead.

2. Yukine

YukineSeiyuu: Kaji Yuki

Yukine is Yato’s Regalia. His regalia name is “Sekki”, whose shape is a katana. He past away at a young age making him miss normal life as a teenager. He behaves his age, and once stole money from people with the excuse that it’s acceptable since he’s dead. Every time he steals or sins in any other way, Yato suffers wounds. Although Yato is his mater, Yukine doesn’t really show Yato respect as much as how he really respects him. After being rescued by Hiyori, he turns into more obedient.

1. Yato

YatoSeiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi

Yato is a god of war who wants to build his own shrine. In the past, he was identified as a god of calamity, but currently he calls himself a “delivery god” and often writes his own cell numer in public areas in case someone needs his help. Yato is shown to be a character who is typically really playful and childish with a sneaky side to him. Yato’s main targets appear to be being extremely popular as a God, which seems quite a sore point for him. But there are times when Yato looks really mysterious and serious. He can also be crude and unpredictable, even though is hinted that he can also be a merciless and cruel person.

Other Characters:


11. Fujisaki Kouto
12. Kuraha
13. Tsuyu, and Mutsumi
14. Tenjin, and Kugaha

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