Kyoto Animation Announced Two Hibike! Euphonium Movies will be Released!

Kyoto Animation Announced Two Hibike! Euphonium Movies will be Released!Kyoto Animation just lately held an event called “Hibike! Euphonium 2 Special Talk Event 1 – 2-nensei Goudou! Uji de Omatsuri Festival!” on June 4. The following, it was announced that 2 new Sound! Euphonium or “Hibike! Euphonium” movies are going to be released in 2018.

As reported by Anime News Network, both of two movies will have original plot with the first one being focused on Kasaki Nozomi and Yoroizuka Mizore. While the second one will feature Oumae Kumiko and her friends as they go through life at the start of their second year in high school.

Naoko Yamada who also directed anime film “A Silent Voice” will direct the first movie, while the second by is going to be directed by Tatsuya Ishihara, the director of the Sound! Euphonium anime TV series. A compilation movie of the first season will also premiere in September 2017.

Sound! Euphonium is based on the Japanese novel by Ayano Takeda which published in 2013 of the same name. The story centers around Oumae Kumiko with her friends who join the Kitauji High school Concert Band and their struggles to national competitions after not being qualified for a long time.

The first season of the TV anime adaptation series was broadcast in April 2015, while the second season was aired between October and December 2016.

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