Kimi no Na wa Backgrounds Have Become Must-Visit Places for Anime Fans

Kimi no Na wa BackgroundAn anime popularity not only affects to the merchandise, artbook or seiyuu, but also to places that become the background of the story. A popularity of film anime Kimi no Na wa by Makoto Shinkai also impacted on places that are used as inspiration for the background story. Now the city of Hida in Japan has become one of the must for anime fans to visit.

A small town located in Gifu Prefecture is now no longer quiet. Some places are already crowded with people, such as Hien Temple, abandoned train station and the local library. Moreover, the income of the city has now estimated soared to 10 billion yen thanks to tourist visits and its anime.

Kimi no Na wa Background

Kimi no Na wa Background

Kimi no Na wa Background

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