The 10 Most Popular Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Characters on Internet

How if you find a cute demon who skilled in the arts of cooking and cleaning? And have you ever seen an otaku game to be like a “god” that can make every woman fall in love with him? These two, Elsie and Keima are the main protagonists of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, and they work together to capture the souls that possess cute girls in his school. Keima needs to save the girls by way of kissing them. Yeah… “kissing them”. What a lucky man!!

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Characters

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, or also known as “Kaminomi” and “The World God Only Knows” is the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tamaki Wakaki. The manga has also been adapted into 3 seasons of TV anime so far along with several OVAs. You can read the anime review here.

Cited from our anime review:

The main character Keima is the highlight of this anime. His perspectives on 2D world and real life is very interesting and pretty much funny, so watching him who have never even had a real conversation with a real girls, capture the interest of real girls is absolutely impressing. Each arc has one girl and those episodes is usually around 2-3 episodes long. To see this young boy conquer real girls through the use of information from visual novels is very funny, and best of all, it really works!

Anime Bibly has been collecting data to obtain the result of the 10 most popular Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai characters on the internet. Data is taken from various sources including forums, Google Trends, social media, and how many times have characters’ name been searched on the internet. And here is the result:

10. Goidou Yui

Goidou YoiSeiyuu: Takagaki Ayahi
Score: 34

Goidou Yui is the youngest daughter of the Goidou family. She is a girl who has loved music ever since she was a child but her overprotective mother stopped her from playing drum, her preferred instrument. Yui is the 14th girl Keima ought to capture to take out the spirit.

9. Kasuga Kusunoki

Kasuga KusunokiSeiyuu: Koshimizu Ami
Score: 57,5

Kusunoki is an upperclassman at Maijima High and sole member of the school’s Girl Karate Club. She is well respected for both her strength and beauty. She dislikes weakness and tells people of her hate for cute things. However, she secretly really loves them. Kusunoki is the fifth capture target in the series.

8. Ayukawa Tenri

Ayukawa TenriSeiyuu: Nazuka Kaori
Score: 76

Since the very first time she appeared, Tenri is shown to be very shy. Before her quest, she very rarely spoke to anyone except for Diana. She’s a best friend of Keima who was a former neighbor and classmate of his until the Katsuragi household relocated 10 years ago because of an earthquake. Tenri doesn’t seem have any prominent or supernatural abilities, but she is actually really smart and observant.

7. Kosaka Chihiro

Kosaka ChihiroSeiyuu: Asumi Kana
Score: 214

Chihiro can be described as normal girl whose hobbies involve reading magazines and chasing after cute boys. She has a casual habit confessing to boys and getting rejected. However, she doesn’t seem to be really suffering from the rejections and cheerfully moving to a new guy in the next day. But overall, she’s really nice girl through her relationship with her friends. Chihiro is the sixth capture target in the series.

6. Takahara Ayumi

Takahara AyumiSeiyuu: Taketatsu Ayana
Score: 375

Takahara Ayumi is Keima’s classmate at school and a member of the school’s track team. She’s a great runner and most probably the best on the team. Ayumi can run very fast so that during the sports festival, she can get ahead of all the runners by a large margin. Ayumi is the first capture target in the series.

5. Nakagawa Kanon

Nakagawa KanonSeiyuu: Touyama Nao
Score: 477,5

Nakagawa Kanon is the most popular teen idol around for her singing talents and beauty. She is a nice natured, polite and very cheerful girl. However, she secretly has a very low self-esteem and her idol status is one and only thing that gives her comfort. Kanon is the third capture target in the series.

4. Shiomiya Shiori

Shiomiya ShiroSeiyuu: Hanazawa Kana
Score: 518

Shiomiya Shiori can be described as shy and reticent student librarian. She is a quiet girl who loves to read books, puts a large respect and interest for it. Despite she has a tough time speaking, Shiori defended her books when Keima insulted them. Shiori has wonderful memory abilities, proven when she reads and remembers every single book in the library, to which lets her find certain books for many other students. She is the fourth capture target in the series.

3. Haqua

HaquaSeiyuu: Hayami Saori
Score: 656

Haqua du lot Herminium is a fromer classmate and a friend of Elsie. She is shown to extremely harsh on herself, very aggressive, but has a soft side for her close friends. Haqua is very smart, being the valedictorian of her class and has accomplished good enough in her school that she was able to obtain Scythe of Testament, something that only noble devils could get hold of.

2. Elsie

ElsieSeiyuu: Itou Kanae
Score: 797,5

Elcea de rux Ima is a Spirit Hunter demon sent to assist Keima to capture loose souls. She has a very sweet, innocent and pure personalitya nd sometimes attempts to please Keima’s expectations as “little sister” even though often fails because of cultural differences between them and how her efforts usually leave Keima in terrible situation. Elsie can be an overly optimistic person with a playful personality. Even though self-claiming to be over 300 years old, she has the mentality of an incompetent teenager and is in many factors plainly immature.

1. Katsuragi Keima

Katsuragi KeimaSeiyuu: Shimono Hiro
Score: 5814

Katsuragi Keima is identified on the internet and in gaming circles as the “Capturing God” thanks to his fantastic abilities and experience in winning over virtual girls in dating simulation games. Even though he plays video games in class, Keima can be a top scorer in every subject, it’s because he can multi-task with unflinching precision.

Other characters result:


11. Nagase Jun: 26
12. Diana: 21
13. Nikaido Yuri: 12,5
14. Kujo Tsukiyo: 11,5
15. Aoyama Mio: 7
16. Katsuragi Mari: 5
17. Dokuro Skull: 4,5
18. Kurakawa Akari: 4
18. Lune: 4
20. Minerva: 3,5
21. Apollo: 3
22. Uemoto Sumire: 2,5
23. Ikoma Minami: 2
23. Nora: 2
25. Haibara Nanaka: 1,5
25. Kodama Ichiro: 1,5
27. Mars: 1
28. Shiratori Urara: 0,5
28. Vulcanus: 0,5
28. Mercury: 0,5
28. Terada Miyako: 0,5

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