Japanese Government is Offering Kimi no Na wa.’s Real Life Locations Tour for Free!

Film anime Kimi no Na wa. by Makoto Shinkai was using several real life locations for its background which make those places became really popular right now and turned out to be a must-visit places for anime fans.

Good news for you! Anime Tourism Association that based in Tokyo with the help of and authorized by Japanese government as part of the Cool Japan program, is offering the chance to go to Japan to participate on a special tour, which visiting Kimi no Na wa.’s real life locations for free.

Kimi no Na wa's Real Life Locations Tour
Image: sgcafe.com

The fans who are interested on this program should answering a few questions about the film to win a free tour. The 30 winners will visit several locations including Hida region of Gifu and Tokyo.

On last December, Japanese government decided to financially support the tour called “Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) Official Tour” as one of their seven experimental projects. This new project was launched by Japanese government to strengthen the partnership between one project and another with a total budget of 130 million yen.

Do you want to participate? Then you can visit the official website for more details!

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