Japanese Anime Industry Up 12% in 2015

Japanese Anime Industry Up 12% in 2015The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) has recently published the “Anime Industry Report 2016” which describe the industry trend in 2015.

Reportedly, the total value of the industry in 2015 amounted to 1,83 trillion yen, up 12% from 2014, amounting to 1,63 trillion yen, in which the total value in 2014 increased by 10% from 2013.

In previous years, AJA mentioned that the opening of a streaming service in China as one of the things that affect the success of this industry. Now, AJA reported that the advantages of a streaming service in China increased by 78.7% as well. While the live event performances reported has increased by 68.2%.

AJA itself continues to make an annual report since 2009, when the anime industry was mentioned was in decline.

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