Film Anime Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Released New Trailer

Film anime Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, which will be screened in 150 theaters in Japan and 1000 theaters in several countries around the world on February 18 has released its new trailer featuring themed song “Catch the Moment” performed by LiSA.

Film Anime Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Released New Trailer

Some fans who also attended the test screening of the film Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale said that “Sword Art Online will be back.”

According to the twitter user @tuki0811 said that the 3rd season of the series was announced, written in his tweet,

I just watched the first test screening of SAO in the world lol. It was so cool I got a goosebumps lol. By the way, the season 3 has been announced…

twitter user @yarare_kanrinin also reported that the third season announcement was revealed in the end credits of Ordinal Scale.

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