Air Date “Show By Rock!!” Second Season Has Been Announced

Air Date Show By Rock!! Second Season Has Been AnnouncedAs previously announced that the second season of Show By Rock!! will be released on October.

Now, the latest trailer of the anime has been released, along with information that this anime will debut in Japan on October 2, 2016.

The official site of this anime has also announced two new members of BUD VIRGIN LOGIC who will join in this season:


Ruriko Noguchi as Eileen, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. She is a girl of the Royal Lion tribe, and is charismatic, beautiful, and has the personality of a king. However, she is also clumsy, so she often falls over and drops things.


Aimi Tanaka as Paypain, the band’s bassist. She is a member of a rare Dark Giraffe tribe, and has since a young age been in charge of a mysterious organization. She serves Eileen as her maid. She hides a lot of weapons under her skirt, and she is quite scary when she gets angry.


Ibuki Kido as Handrek, the band’s drummer. She is a “Mumroid” girl who was secretly developed at a facility owned by a mysterious organization. She joined the band after becoming Eileen’s playmate. She calls Eileen “Master” and Paypain “Maid.”

Sanrio began to distribute games developed by geech for iOS and Android since 2012. The game was included in the free to play category, but still have to pay to buy some items in the game.

This anime tells of a cat girl dressed in gothic lolita named Cyan recruited by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From his meeting with the president of the music agency, Cyan met with Chuchu, Retoree, and Moa. Cyan along with his three friends formed a band called “Plasmagica”, they are determined to be the best in the world.

But the journey is long, difficult, and also requires a spirit. They must face the other powerful band group, to gradually achieve their goals as band number one that conquer music industry in MIDICITY. This game has also been adapted into a 12 episode anime that aired in April 2015 ago.

The staff and seiyuu of the anime series are still the same as the first season of the anime. Takahiro Ikezoe mentioned that going back to act as a director. The composition of this anime series is handled by Touko Machida.

Previously, this anime also briefly comes back in the form of short anime Show By Rock!! Short!! in last July.

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