Adult Bishoujo PC Game ‘Yosuga no Sora’ Gets Anime

An adult bishoujo computer game “Yosuga no Sora: in solitude, where we are least alone” which was released by Sphere in 2008 will get an anime adaptation! The announcement was made on wraparound jacket band on the first manga volume this month.

Adult Bishoujo PC Game 'Yosuga no Sora' Gets Anime

The story of the game sets in the far away mountain village of Okoukozome-chou. Haruka Kazugano and his twin sister, Sora, have fond their childhood memories of travelling to the village to visit their grandfather during summer vacations. However, following losing their parents in an car accident, the two have to move in with their grandfather.

The two get reacquainted with their childhood friend Yorihime Nao, the new classmate Nakazato Ryouhei, the shrine maide Amatsume Akira and along with her closest friend Migawa Kazuha. At first all looks like normal and familiar. However, beneath the surface is a secret promise that the twins made with each other in the past, the location of an important lost item, and the reason they decided on to return here.

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