PS4 Destiny Bundle: What You Can Get

If you happen to be a gamer who is into Destiny game so much, you are probably interested in PS4 Destiny bundle that is offering the limited edition of white PS4 and also the game. As the name suggests, the bundle allows you to have the PS4 Pro (in white) as well as the game in a more affordable tag price – instead of buying them in a separate manner. And in the event that you haven’t upgraded your console to the PS4 Pro, this offer may be interesting for you.

PS4 Destiny Bundle

PS4 Destiny Bundle Price

What’s interesting about this PS4 Destiny bundle is that you can get not only the game’s physical copy but also the special Expansion Pass code. With the code, you will get direct access to the add-ons – two of them. And as if it weren’t enough, you can also get the Digital Content Pack. How cool is that? And so you know, the Digital Deluxe Edition will contain features of the legendary emote, sword, and also the emblem with Cabal Empire theme. If you want to get the Pro bundle (it contains hard drive of 1 TB) and also a controller. If you buy it through pre-order offer, be prepared to spend around $450. The bundle is also available in Europe but the company hasn’t said anything about it. The Pro alone is sold for around $400, while the game itself costs around $100. If you buy the separate piece, you will have to spend $500. It means that you save yourself $50 when you buy the bundle. And as the bonus, you can enjoy the white console – instead of the regular black.

But in Amazon, you don’t need to spend $450 or even $500, you can buy this PS4 Destiny Bundle only for $400 through the link below:

PS4 Destiny Bundle 2
PlayStation 4 500GB Console
Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition Bundle

Other Interesting Fact

With this offer of PS4 Destiny bundle, it would be the first time that PS4 Pro is offered in another color other than the regular black. It would be the first for Sony to do so. It is the same company that released the Glacier White console. Although Sony finally released the console alone (not included in the bundle), they only do it in Europe. So far, we have seen the various versions of PlayStation 4 slim in gold, silver, and white but each of them is launched on its own – with its own requirements and terms.

PS4 Destiny Bundle Release Date

For the PS4 Destiny bundle, it is designed to launch around September. The details about the launch and the bundle itself hasn’t been made exact or clear but it would be a sure thing that gamers who purchase the bundle will only gain the best advantage of having it.

So, where should you buy the bundle anyway? Well, there are several different options, actually. You can try to do the online research and find some of the trusted sellers and suppliers. Some of the reputable names like eBay or Amazon should be able to cater to your needs. Mind you, though, that there are different options and choices. Some buyers say that the items within the bundle depend on where you buy it. It hasn’t been proven true or not but it doesn’t hurt to find out more about the PS4 Destiny bundle details. Click this link to get the bundle for only $400.

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