PS3 vs PS4: The Major Differences and Specs

PS3 vs PS4When we are talking about a current console and the previous one, we tend to make comparisons and differences of the specs, mostly. The same thing goes with PS3 vs PS4 where you can still enjoy some of the gaming benefits and yet you can determine whether it is time to get an upgrade or not.

Difference between PS3 vs PS4

You probably think that your PS3 is enough for now, and you don’t need an upgrade. That’s okay because you are supposed to choose the console that you are comfy with and you feel perfect for your gaming needs. The PS3 comes in three different forms: the original chunky model, the PS3 slim, and the PS3 slim with sliding tray disc cover. PS4 only has one design, which is almost similar to the second design but with more slanted and angular sides with middle running lights. When you take a look at the overall dimension, the PS3 Slim is actually a tad bigger than the PS4. That’s the slight difference of PS3 vs PS4 design.

PS3 vs PS4 Specs

So, what other aspects to consider when it comes to PS3 vs PS4 specs? Well, take a first look at the noise. The PS4 is much quieter than the PS3 although PS3 alone is already quiet. Even when you are spending quite a long time playing the games, the PS4 won’t be noisy at all. However, if you start noticing that your PS4 starts making a noise, you should use the C-Chassis PS4 that is smaller but quieter than the original PS4. You should be spending extra efforts, though, if you want to get this C-Chassis type. But if noise is an important part of your gaming enjoyment, it would be a worthy shot.

When it comes to PS3 vs PS4 specs, naturally, you can expect the new PS4 to be more powerful – try to be 10 times more powerful, mind you. Despite the almost similar construction and design, the constructions of the two are completely different. PS3 is using the custom Cell architecture from Sony, which has been criticized for being difficult to develop. Meanwhile, the PS4 is using the X86 based chip, which has been implemented in Xbox One and also Windows PC. From the processor, they are completely different. PS4 is using Jaguar AMD CPU with 2.7 GHz 8 core performance as well as AMD GPU Radeon 800 MHz and also 8GB of RAM GDDR5. PS3 is using single core 3.2 GHz CPU with GPU 550MHz and 256MB of RAM DDR3.

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There is a special service, called as PlayStation Now, allowing you to stream some PS3 games to PS4, and also stream PS4 games on PC, but it is only applicable for certain games only and it won’t be working well with gaming titles with discs. Another difference of PS3 vs PS4 is the controller. The new controller for PS4 is the DualShock 4 which is actually the developed model from DualShock 3 from PS3. DualShock 4 is heavier and bigger and it also comes with elongated grips. If you want to know more, consider buying the new console so you can see how you are going to love it.

Which one you love? Well, you can decide it!

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