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The Fallout series is one of the best game series that I’ve ever played over time and was thirstily looking forward to playing this after Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4 was launched. I mostly waited until price lowered to what I deemed a reasonable one. I bought it when the main Fallout 4 game dropped to $22. I additionally bought the Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4 with even more content, there are many good extras to the bonus content, even though I still believe that the price of the season pass can be a little high.

Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4 Review

Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4
Fallout 4 Game + Season’s Pass
for PlayStation 4

Fallout 4 is action RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. That said after playing for some weeks and barely scratching the top of game content, I prefer Fallout 4 as much as I did the previous series, but I can’t help to little frustrated in certain factors as I expected a little more out of the game.

For example, most of the same bugs which were in previous Fallout series continue to be here in Fallout 4. You may still find bugs where you can get jammed in some spots or some of the enemies of the wasteland get jammed, making them very easy to pick off but not really much entertaining as a fight. Next, you can find the same video, conversation, and audio quest glitches that it feels every game of the series is suffering from.

I also wish it a bit more has better graphics. I mean, Fallout 4’s graphics are better than the previous series but I did hope this to be higher resolution and sharper than they are. Please don’t misunderstand, the graphics are not poor as there are more depth and detail in the game and so very much more places to see, but I feel like there’s still something missing here.

I also wish there are several new surprises in the monster variant but at least so far, I’ve seen lots of the same monsters that have been in the previous series. You will find the same ghouls, radroaches, mutants, and Raiders, so I a little bit frustrated there has not been many new extras to the wasteland landscape.

Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4 Graphic

In case you have played and enjoyed the previous Fallout games, you probably will like Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4. The pip-boy menu and perks system might be a little bit tricky especially if you do not know the game. I am still trying to get used to the different default button mapping that Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4 has as compared to many of the other games I’ve been playing as I still keep hitting the incorrect buttons by an impulse to do several things.

I personally much like the perks system as it makes a bit of tactical planning with what priorities you intend to concentrate on but can even be a bit irritating every so often especially when you come across a safe or terminal that’s important to finishing a side or main quest just to find you don’t have the high enough perk level yet.

The craft creating and mods part of the game give a dimension to the game as it makes even more of the dull stuff you find much more useful. The craft creating feature does look like a half-hearted addition to the Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4 to appease more hardcore game enthusiasts. There’s not much guidance on using the crafting benches and it almost feels to me much like the tool that the designers used when making the game itself.

In my opinion, it isn’t one of the best element of the game as you can really get bogged down gathering all the items and producing various things for your settlements. It feels a little too Sim-City-ish to me and it’s also not my favorite thing to do in these kinds of games. But Maybe if you love that type of thing, you’ll be able to enjoy the crafting more than I do. Luckily, it isn’t an important part of the game, until you really want to get involved in doing lots of it.


Despite the presence of my issues with this Fallout 4 Season Pass PS4, I still love and enjoy playing it. I fell like this is still an awesome game, Now I am still having a good time traversing the wasteland so as to discover the ultimate cage fight. The add-ons from the season pass have included lots of detail to the game,

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