Elite Dangerous PS4 Review and Price on Amazon

Elite Dangerous PS4 is a video game that’s really challenging to play and need a lot of flight hours to play it correctly. For instance, it took me several hours to get pretty good at landing. I’m feeling self-assured only to face times when you have as few as 30 seconds to finish the operation or shot out of the sky.

NPC and human players are a shockingly normal threat in a universe so vast. They never care that you have just been playing for several hours and as a newbie.

Elite Dangerous PS4 Review

Elite Dangerous PS4
Elite Dangerous PS4
The Legendary Edition

Elite Dangerous is a space adventure, combat simulation, and trading video game developed and published by Frontier Developments. It was first released for Microsoft Windows on December 16, 2014. The game later has also been released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 6, 2015, and June 27, 2017, respectively.

Elite Dangerous PS4 can be a space simulation not designed to be piece of cake. Boring tasks need to be done and you can play any way you wish. And also, it is not ideal for the ADHD lovers.

Honestly, this Elite Dangerous PS4 certainly has the most difficult control system to master. It took me several hours of practicing and mastering just how to land my own ship correctly. However, many people seemed to view this as a bad thing, but I do believe it just shows how the real simulator is! As you know that there’s no single space ship to be very simple to operate. But when you can invest some time to mastering the control system, you will end up to love this video game! Just like me!

So, the control system is certainly not crap. It’s meant for someone who wants to learn the game for several hours. It will need you to practice, practice, and practice plus to train your patience and endurance. You can find an awesome feeling of success when you ultimately make your first dock smoothly. I found myself really addicted to the game after taken down a pilot for the first time and explore a new destination. As you know that space is full of mystery, and the exploration itself brings the mystery vibe!

Things you have to know about Elite Dangerous PS4

  • There’s no incorrect approach to make a living in this video game. Try on several missions and tasks, and don’t get frustrated if you fail any missions or even die.
  • It’s really difficult in mastering curve in all facets of the game. You need your patience. Don’t be greedy by finding million credit space deliveries. Just enjoy the game, don’t rush, and learning the game’s mechanics slowly but sure.
  • Try to find a party! After spending several hours as a solo player, I find myself that the task is easier and the game even more entertaining when doing it with human players. We can protect each other from pirates.
  • Try to buy the different type of weapons! Don’t be afraid losing all your money since you can resell them at the station for the same price.
  • Make sure to read any tutorial in the game!

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