Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4: New Addition and Excitement

If you have been playing Binding of Isaac, it should excite you that Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4 has been available for the console. According to some news and also users’ experience, there are definitely some new additions to the game. This is exciting because you get to enjoy the new improvement as well as having more challenges to defeat. So, what’s new about this game, after all?

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4 Review

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth

As it was mentioned before, the new Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4 on the console version has something new and exciting, and the addition includes:

  • New mode, called as the Greed Mode
  • A final boss in a final new area
  • Daily runs so gamers can compete best times and also high scores
  • New room designs up to 1000 and more
  • New bosses – eight of them
  • A new character, which is the mother of demons, Lilith
  • New alternate chapters, complete with their own surprises, visual themes, and also enemy types
  • 25 more enemies
  • New items up to 120
  • An updated weaponry combo system – in the massive way
  • New challenges up to 10 different types
  • New trophies and also new secret transformations

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4 Release Date

It is a good thing that the new Binding of Isaac Afterbirth will be released on September the 19th for Playstation 4 with a sales price around $39.99. It’s already on Amazon and you can pre-order it!

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Released on September 19, 2017

Some of the New Addition Details

There are some cool things – as well as the new addition – that will excites you from Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4, such as:

  • Greed Mode. In this mode, enemies will continuously coming toward you. It is not an easy stage, but the cash bonus is great. The more difficult it is, the more you will earn. It is safe to say that this new mode isn’t only challenging and new, but it is super unique and different. Your skills will be tested and enhanced through this mode.
  • Daily Runs. This is the additional game that you can play aside the main game. But mind you that you won’t get any progress reward in this mode. If you want your game to progress, play more on the main game and play this mode only when you want to have a different alternative.
  • New Enemies. What’s more exciting than having new enemies with unknown power and abilities? Well, this is time for you to find out more about the new enemies – and not all of them are bad. Some are even cute and fun, like Little Horn.
  • New Items. If there are new enemies, why not new items? Expect something like the so-called Friend Ball or Diplopia. Each of them has an interesting use and feature. You will definitely have a blast having them.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for something fun and new and also exciting, the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PS4 is the answer.

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