Osomatsu-san Episode 1

Osomatsu-kun Returns

When the Osomatsu Matsuno and his sextuplet brothers discover that Osomatsu-kun gets a new anime, Choromatsu has skepticism that their Showa era gags will cut it in a modern anime. The brothers wind up revamping themselves as a colorful bishounen anime, in which they are all good looking idols with unique personalities.

However, after performing numerous feats such as saving the earth from a meteor and somehow killing Totoko with their charms, the burden of in a well-known anime proves to be too much for the brothers’ Showa period bodies to handle. Things soon get hectic when more characters show up in their rebooted forms, and everything just becomes a mishmash of parodies and copyright infringement. Forced to go back to the drawing board, the brothers wind up spending the next ten years doing nothing at all, at which point the actual anime starts.

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